Buff Bagwell was known for his appearances on WCW and for his impressive physique. The former WCW tag champ last wrestled in 2018 during his stint on the independents. Some have wondered where the former WCW star went after his final run in the industry. Well, it seems he’s been doing well for himself.

A fan has posted a photo of what Bagwell looks like now. Many people who saw the photo commented that the former wrestler now looks like a news anchor. Wearing a blue tie and dress shirt, the once buffed superstar now looks like he’s ready to be everyone’s favorite person to watch on the news. Check out some reactions to the photo below.

Looks like a news anchor. This is Marcus A. Bagwell, with your news at 11.

He looks healthier in that photo than in maybe any I’ve seen him in since, I don’t know, him getting fired by WWF?


Looks like he’s getting his own Fox News show

In 2021, Bagwell started a podcast called “Rebuilding Buff.” The podcast ran into some controversy after the former star mentioned that WWE had turned him down for rehab. It seems like those days are now behind him.

We’ll have to see where Buff Bagwell pops up next. One thing is for sure, after a bout of bad luck with the law and substances, it appears he’s doing much better now.

What do you make of Buff Bagwell’s new look? Do you think he looks like a new anchor? Sound off in the comments section below.

Joshua Jones

Joshua Jones is a writer for both Thirsty for News and Ringside News. He's been a wrestling fan since 2004 and has always tuned into Monday Night Raw.

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