Liv Morgan finally grabbed WWE’s proverbial brass ring at Money in the Bank. Liv not only won the briefcase guaranteeing her a title shot, but she cashed in that night to defeat Ronda Rousey for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Morgan has been a fan favorite for a long time, and Vince McMahon finally gave her the title run many felt she deserved.

Not long after finally winning the big one, Liv Morgan now has to adjust to a post-Vince McMahon WWE. Liv and the rest of the WWE superstars will now work for Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan, with Triple H serving as the company’s new head of creative. The change came as a surprise to Morgan.

Speaking with The Mirror, Morgan discussed the new era beginning in WWE. She said she was surprised by the sudden retirement of Vince McMahon. Despite that, she is excited to work with her new bosses.

“We were all shocked. And it felt sudden. But we all owe so much to Vince. So if he felt like it was time, then it was time. We’re also excited to be working with Stephanie and Nick [Khan, the other co-CEO). Stephanie was born into this business, so there’s literally no one better for the job than her.


We’re all so excited and we’re just ready to go to work. We’re all just ready to take it to the next level.”

No matter who is in charge, Liv Morgan currently sits atop the SmackDown women’s division. Ronda Rousey will try to make her reign a short one at Saturday’s SummerSlam premium live event. Morgan is hoping to provide some consistency as stable champion in a company where everything has been turned upside down.

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Michael Perry

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