WWE recently revised some past financial statements to reflect upwards of $14.6 million in payments by Vince McMahon as company expenses. It is not known if these are related to the $12 million in hush money McMahon paid to former employees to keep quiet about relationships. It does seem to mean that McMahon’s departure from WWE is permanent.

Many have speculated that Vince McMahon’s retirement is just temporary. Some thought McMahon would return once the heat dies down. After the company revised the statements, it is now near impossible for that to happen. The change came due to discoveries found during WWE’s investigation of the payments.

Dave Meltzer offered the latest in an update for the Wrestling Observer. The $14.6 million sum is believed to have been what forced Vince McMahon out of the company. If that is the case, any kind of return is unlikely.

“It was not specified if the payments to women, that had previously been claimed were by McMahon personally and not from company funds, constitute some or all of that $14.6 million. But this would likely be something that, when uncovered, forced McMahon out of the company.


The key to this revelation is that it would be almost impossible for McMahon to return to power and this won’t be a temporary departure until the heat dies down as many in wrestling over the past few days had believed, noting the company track record over the years with people who had gotten negative publicity over different things.”

Vince McMahon’s hush money payments were originally reported to have come from his own pocket. If there is evidence they came from company funds, there could even be criminal liability. At this time, that has not been reported. It will be very interesting to read the complete findings of the investigation if and when they become available.

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Michael Perry

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