Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega are two of the most popular wrestlers of this generation. Both men worked their way up the independents before finally making a name for themselves in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The two have been at war with each other for quite some time that has left pro wrestling fans wondering if there is real-life heat between Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay.

Ospreay recently revealed Omega triggered a cease and desist letter because of his latest merch. Pro Wrestling Tees had a new Ospreay shirt on their store. The clothing piece had a graphic of Ospreay performing the One Winged Angel on one side and “Better Than The Best Bout Machine” written on the other.

The store took down the merch after receiving a cease and desist letter. Ospreay took to Twitter and shared his two cents on his ongoing beef with Omega. Billy Goat didn’t mince words and took some major shots towards The Cleaner.


“I have just exposed Kenny as an insecure little bi**h. It was fine when those guys were throwing up the Too Sweet and got hit with a cease & desist. They continued to poke the bear. When it is me doing it to you guys, you have a problem with it. It’s because Kenny is a miserable little prick. He takes it out on me because I’m actually having fun with my life. I’m doing the things he’s done, plus more.

“You’re also pissed off because the vision you had for AEW has now turned into something you don’t like and people are starting to get NXT vibes about the joint or maybe it’s because the Joshi girls are not getting TV time, but the 205 Live guys are.

“Now the shoe is on the other foot. You’ve turned into the big boys, trying to look down on the little guys. I’m going to keep poking the f*cjing bear. I just exposed Kenny Omega as everything I’ve been saying, a little f*cking c*nt. Have a good day Kenny the f*cking prick.”

Ospreay also trolled Omega after performing his finisher at an indie event. The IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion hit the One Winged Angel and raised his opponent’s hand to make it look like he had kicked out.

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