Hulk Hogan’s run with Impact Wrestling is not as fondly remembered as some other parts of his legendary career. Hogan has, along with Vince Russo, been blamed by many fans for a major downturn in the company’s fortunes. One former Impact star recently said the same, only in much harsher language.

Awesome Kong is a former two-time Knockouts Champion. The veteran wrestler also had a couple of stints with WWE and a run with AEW. She is legendary for her size, strength, and pure attitude.

Inside the Ropes recently caught up with Awesome Kong. She spoke about Hulk Hogan’s time with Impact Wrestling. Kong said The Hulkster “raped” the company while he was there.

“Well I thought he was raping the company for whatever it was worth. That we were not going to see a return on our Hulk Hogan investment, but he was going to rob the piggy bank dry, and I’m like this is very clear and everyone can see it.


So it was like ‘Dixie [Carter], can you not see what is going on? He is going to be popping bottles with Vince in 3 years and you will be broke. Can you not see where this is going?'”

In 2013, Hulk Hogan left Impact. He showed up in WWE the following year. Dixie Carter sold the company to Anthem in 2017. It sounds like Awesome Kong hit the nail right on the head.

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