Natalya is widely considered to be the gatekeeper of WWE’s women’s division. The Boat is a regular feature on Raw and SmackDown. She also went to NXT 2.0 and put over the superstars on the yellow brand.

For those not in the know, Natalya has a little sister named Jenni. The Canadian is quite famous on the internet for her super skimpy photo drops. WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross thinks she’s cute as well, and we have to wonder if Good ‘ole JR is putting down $20 a month for Jenni’s OnlyFans.

The legendary commentator took to Twitter on Monday and reacted to a photo of the Neidhart sisters. Ross also took the opportunity to shoot his shot at Jenni Neidhart. Here’s what he tweeted.

She’s gorgeous @NatbyNature


Runs in the family! 🤠

Wish she was a a bit older. 😉

Jim Ross is a treasure, and fans all over had a lot of fun with this one. Then again, you never know whether Jenni might be into older men. As previously reported, the WWE Hall of Famer was moved to the Rampage commentary booth in their latest shakeup. Ross sometimes appears as part of Dynamite’s booth as well now.

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Manik Aftab

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