The Kliq became one of the most powerful backstage forces in professional wrestling during the 1990s. Made up of Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Triple H, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman, the group wielded a great deal of influence during the time they were all in WWE. Even when several members jumped to WCW, they continued to use the famous Kliq hand sign as part of the nWo stable.

Kevin Nash has been recounting his experiences with the faction in his new podcast, “Kliq This.” On the latest edition of the show, Nash talked about how a very surprising person tried to join the group. It was none other than Vince McMahon.

Nash said that Vince McMahon approached them in the locker room one night. In a tone that none of the superstars were used to, McMahon said he wanted to be a part of it. Kevin never heard Vince speak in that way before.

“He walked in and goes, ‘Let me ask you guys f*cking something right now. What’s the deal with this f*cking Kliq?’ We just sat there like, ‘Oh, f*ck’ This is a different tone than he’s ever taken.

[Vince said] ‘Because, God damn it, I want in.’ And we all looked at him and laughed, we said, ‘You love the business, man, you’re in.’ He basically kind of told us, ‘You guys are busting your ass coming up with sh*t.’ We just didn’t come up with sh*t for ourselves, we came up with sh*t for other guys too.”

The Kliq was thought to be so good at backstage politicking at the time that many other members of the roster felt completely buried. For Vince McMahon to want a seat at the table, there must be some truth to the legends. Even a giant like Kevin Nash was taken aback when Vince approached them about it.

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Michael Perry

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