Vince McMahon is currently facing a huge PR and legal crisis. He is the subject of an investigation from the WWE board of directors, and in the meantime left his position as CEO and Chairman of WWE. Stephanie McMahon took over the duties, and The Undertaker thinks that’s exactly what WWE needs.

The Wall Street Journal reported that McMahon used $3 million in hush money to cover his affairs with WWE ex-employees. Another report, dated July 8th, revealed he used $12 million to cover up sexual misconduct allegations. One of the four women Vince paid off over the years is a former WWE Diva.

Chris Jericho was part of WWE for almost two decades. The AEW superstar held close working relationship with McMahon. He was even feuding with the McMahon family on separate occasions. He appeared on the True Geordie podcast and said that McMahon probably won’t get into any real trouble.

Not really. Is it a surprise in any industry when it happens? When you look at it, it’s really not illegal. He had an affair, paid the lady off to not say anything, and moved on. It’s almost like, ‘Okay, and?’ People want to jump on it but there is still always an undertone of ‘it’s wrestling. Oh, it’s just wrestling,’ If you look, that story came out with a bang, and then you really haven’t heard anything about it since. If this was Hollywood, with Harvey Weinstein, that sort of thing…the difference between that is, he was holding women back for getting gigs, Harvey Weinstein. ‘Either bang me or you don’t get the starring role.’ This has never been said in Vince’s thing. It was a mutual acknowledgement of the affair, he paid the lady to say nothing, and she took the money. I really know Vince well and it sucks that happened, it sucks that he did it, but is anything really going to happen from it? I don’t think so.


Vince McMahon seems to be doing fine. He holds a great deal of creative control over both Raw and SmackDown. He reportedly crafted the whole creative strategy for Friday Night SmackDown, to the point that it was dubbed ‘The Vince McMahon Show.’

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Nitish Vashishtha

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