WWE announced back in the month that Vince McMahon is willingly taking step back. He left the duties of the WWE CEO and Stephanie McMahon came in to become the Interim CEO.

Vince McMahon’s move to leave his Chairmanship and CEO position came after a report from Wall Street Journal became public. The report said that Vince McMahon is under investigation by WWE board of directors for covering up an affair with his own money.

WWE veteran and legend The Undertaker has been a massive part of the company since the last 30 years. The WWE Hall of Famer talked to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to give his views on the current leadership in WWE. He said that Stephanie McMahon is exactly what WWE currently needs.

Stephanie is incredible, and she’s going to show that in this new role. She is level-headed, she sees the whole picture. Her steady, calm hand is exactly what is needed.


The Undertaker said that while Stephanie is not even a little bit selfish, she handles business very well. He even emphatically said that he has full confidence in Stephanie’s leadership.

There’s not a selfish bone in her body, but she’s all about business. She’s the right person for the job. I have 100% confidence about what Stephanie McMahon will do for the company

McMahon is not holding the reins, but still makes calls during the creative process. He has also had multiple appearances on RAW & SmackDown ever since he stepped down. The Undertaker is currently scheduled for one-man show during the weekend of WWE SummerSlam.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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