Santana is having a very turbulent ride in AEW. He was recently injured while trying to perform a uranage on Daniel Garcia during the Blood & Guts match. Now his knee is in bad shape.

Following the Blood & Guts match last week, Santana will be sidelined for some time. In a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, AEW president Tony Khan confirmed the injury. They knew injuries were a possibility heading into this match because it was incredibly risky.

So, he is injured and it’s unfortunate and obviously, it’s a very dangerous match, and going into it we knew injuries were a possibility and Santana’s a great pro wrestler, he’s been part of a great team with Ortiz. We really value him and I did speak to him after, I know he’s injured, we’re going to stand by Santana, you know, support him through the injury and do what we can, it’s the right thing to do.

Of course, hopefully, it won’t be too long but I think it could be a relatively long injury, so, it could be a while that Santana is out but we’re here for him for whatever he needs and certainly appreciate everything he’s done for AEW.


It is unfortunate that the Blood & Guts match does come with injuries, and it was a knee injury that he suffered, and hopefully he’ll be back relatively soon.

A lot of people saw Santana’s knee become damaged while he was delivering a uranage during the bout, and he was not active in the match after that. Santana did eventually join the team to celebrate the win on top of the cage. On Monday, Santana posted a statement of appreciation for the support of the crowd.

A fantastic professional wrestler, Santana formed an excellent team with Ortiz. AEW genuinely values Santana, and Tony spoke to him Blood & Guts. Santana is hurt, but they’re going to stay by him and support him the best they can.

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