Stephanie McMahon took over for her father when Vince McMahon had to step aside due to a hush money scandal. Now Stephanie is the interim CEO, and she had a meeting with talent before one of the company’s biggest shows of the year.

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Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s pay wall that the talent meeting before Money in the Bank did not include everyone on the roster. There were numerous talent who were not flown into Las Vegas for the show.

Stephanie McMahon didn’t say anything monumental during her speech to talent. She did cap things off by saying that her door is always open for anyone who wants to talk.


We’re told that not all talent were in attendance, as there were plenty that weren’t brought into town. One longtime talent that we spoke to said that it was simply a staff meeting saying much of what talent already knew. Stephanie McMahon thanked everyone to close the meeting. We’re told that she had reiterated to talent that her door was always open.

The meeting was unanimously positively received based on talent and staff that we spoke with. We have not heard of Vince McMahon being a part of the meeting, though he was at Money in the Bank and still operating as usual.

We’ll have to see if a line starts forming outside Stephanie McMahon’s office door, like the legendary lines that were seen outside of her father’s office. Only time will tell how long Stephanie McMahon will have this job, but she seems to be doing all the right things so far.

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