AEW came in much later in the business, but they took only little time to size up to WWE. The company is a significant competitor to WWE, even if others differ. However, WWE has huge history of PC & console games which fans enjoy greatly.

The Tony Khan led promotion has been venturing into the world of gaming for a while. Their upcoming video game, AEW: Fight Forever, is a massive step forward in that direction.

AEW superstar Kenny Omega recently confirmed to his fans who the publisher for the game is going to be. THQ Nordic, who have a massive 25-year long history in developing pro-wrestling games for WCW & WWE, is publishing the star-studded AEW game.

Omega appeared on the CEO Gaming Twitch channel to reveal the publisher for the game. THQ’s journey in publishing wrestling games started in 1997 with WCW vs. The World. The company did four more games after the original PS games.


THQ started publishing wrestling games with WWE in 1999, and kept it up until 2014. When the company came under significant stress and fell apart, Nordic Games acquired the THQ trademark. In August 2016, the company was renamed THQ Nordic, and they kept their standard operations up.

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