GCW’s Dead on Arrival recently featured action packed matches like Alex Shelley vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Nick Wayne, Alex Colon vs. Dale Patricks for the GCW Ultraviolent Championship in a Deathmatch and more. However, there was one particular frightening situation. Hoodfoot vs. Slade Deathmatch had to be called off, and it was declared as no contest.

As the bell rang, both of them went nose-to-nose. They fought each other using light tubes after exchanging punches. The referee rang for the bell as soon as Hoodfoot’s left arm was severely cut open.

TW: Blood/Violence Slade broke a tube, gave half to Hoodfoot, and then proceeded to stab him in the arm and severely hurt him (ending the match early) This is severely unsafe. Don’t use broken tubes and def don’t stab with them wtf. #GCWDOA

Slade was seen smashing light tube in the footage down below. He then went ahead to stab Hoodfoot in the arm. When Hoodfoot started bleeding, it was so severe that it appeared as though a faucet was spewing blood from his arm.


Before calling time on the match, the referee attempted to tape Hoodfoot’s arm. Everyone reading this is hereby advised to use caution if they choose to see the disturbing movie that is embedded below.

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