COVID-19 is still a very seriously situation, but some people have found ways to skirt around mandates by creating fake vaccination cards. GCW was recently called out on this practice, and head honcho Brett Lauderdale is speaking up.

Lauderdale was recently a guest on the Business of the Business podcast and he approached the allegations. He didn’t give them any weight and dismissed them as things he didn’t want to engage in. That being said, there could also be legal consequences in the end. Things must be approached very carefully.

“This is somebody who’s throwing a lot of sh*t at the wall. And again, I want to be careful of how I respond to this cause I don’t want to engage in this and also because some of the things that were said were borderline on… there could be legal implications to some of this so I prefer to disengage in this and let’s see what happens. I’ve talked to people from a legal aspect that have advised me to approach it a certain way so I don’t want to give too much credence to this, you know what I mean? Other than to say I’m proud of my record during COVID and the pandemic. The proof is in the pudding [it’s] pretty public everything we did so I’ll leave it at that.”

This all started when a tweet went viral which alleged Brett Lauderdale had 50 fake COVID-19 tests made for some GCW talent. That story broke loose on May 25th, and Brett is still dealing with the drama that unfolded. He previously commented that he can’t comment about the matter, but it seems he had a little bit more to say about it this time.


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