The Acclaimed has been teaming up with Gunn Club a lot on AEW television as of late. There has been some tension among the group, as Billy Gunn has favored Max Caster and Anthony Bowens over his own sons. AEW fans have been wondering where the storyline might end up.

Caster and Bowens have long been heels, but their popularity among the fans is undeniable. They are cheered in every city they travel to. That natural babyface reaction is likely to lead to an eventual turn.

Dave Meltzer discussed the future of the storyline between the Gunn Club and The Acclaimed on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. With Billy Gunn being annoyed by his own sons’ stupidity, it looks like Max Caster and Anthony Bowens will eventually turn. That appears to be the ultimate conclusion of the angle.

“They’ve been sort of building to that, where the whole comedy of the pairing was that Billy treated The Acclaimed like they were his sons and the other guys were like, you know, he was just annoyed by their stupidity throughout the whole thing. Yeah, so it looks like Billy Gunn with The Acclaimed… In the end, The Acclaimed are going to end up as babyfaces. I mean, it’s very clear.”


The Acclaimed are excellent at getting crowds fired up. As heels, they haven’t got much from fans in terms of heat. It only makes sense to portray them as fan favorites eventually.

As Anthony Bowens continues to heal up, things should start to build between The Acclaimed and Gunn Club. AEW has a huge potential babyface team on its hands. It looks like it’s only a matter of time before they turn.

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