Brandi Rhodes and Cody Rhodes both shocked the world after they left AEW. Cody Rhodes came back to WWE in massive way. He instantly started having great matches. His feud with Seth Rollins still goes on. It was even reported that WWE is using Cody Rhodes as the face of the company. Brandi Rhodes, on the other hand, has not ruled out an in-ring return.

Cody Rhodes made huge strides after fighting Seth Rollins for half an hour. He emerged victorious in the Hell In A Cell match, but it was revealed that he gave out the whole performance with a torn pectoral muscle. We’ll have to see what’s next for the entire Rhodes family.

Brandi Rhodes has been alongside Cody Rhodes all this time, but it’s been unclear where she stands professionally. Sean Sapp of Fightful recently gave an update on Brandi Rhodes’ current status behind his paywall.

Rhodes is still in the ring to train constantly, as per the report. However, she has not made an in-ring appearance since January. The report also suggests that many things have been discussed for her future.


For those wondering about Brandi Rhodes since she left AEW and Cody headed to WWE, we have a bit of an update. Brandi Rhodes has remained in the ring training, though she’s not had a match since January. Based on those we’ve talked to, there is a “cordial” relationship and multiple things have been discussed.

Brandi Rhodes has hinted in the past that she might show up in WWE later on. An angle for her to get into WWE is definitely possible, but it might mean Cody would have to turn heel. Rhodes also posted a photo in a stunning yellow dress on social media. We hope that Brandi Rhodes makes an appearance in WWE really soon.

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