AEW star Britt Baker is a proud dentist outside the ring, and she has been with the wrestling promotion since 2019. She has to be one of the rare wrestlers with an actual medical degree. Dr. Baker recently provided some clarification on whether she shares the same degree as WWE’s Dr. Isaac Yankem.

Kane made his WWE debut in 1995 as “Isaac Yankem, DDS,” Jerry Lawler’s private dentist. Even though Yankem’s degree was fictitious, many people wondered if it was the same as Britt Baker’s DMD.

The two acronyms have a slight difference, with DMD standing for “Doctor of Medicine In Dentistry” and DDS stands for “Doctor of Dental Surgery.” Despite the difference, Baker told Mel Magazine they are “same degree, different letters.” 

Britt Baker recently registered the moniker D.M.D. as trademark. Baker takes tremendous pride in her name because she actively practices her profession as a dentist and considers it to be a dream job.


Isaac Yankem, on the other hand, is a long-forgotten character, but Glenn Jacobs, who played him, is now mayor who is frequently embroiled in political squabbles. It’s nice that Baker was able to set the record straight.

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