Triple H recently returned to work at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. Fans who remember the days when he was in charge of NXT immediately got excited. Triple H was reported to have said, ‘I’m back,’ upon his arrival.

The ambiguity of Triple H’s comment left a lot of room for speculation. Some fans are hoping it means that The Game is back in charge of WWE’s developmental brand. That may be the case, but nothing has been confirmed.

Dave Meltzer talked about Triple H returning to NXT and the Performance Center on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. He noted that while it is not clear if The King of Kings is running the show at NXT, there seems to have been a change in the dynamic of how things are run. Triple H has more power than he did before.

“He was just there. He said that he was back. He didn’t say what exactly that meant. I asked some people there, and they said that he just said things are happening, and he can’t talk about them right now, but he’s back. So, that’s basically it. Whatever it is will come out in the days to come, but nobody knew exactly what he meant by that. Was he back running NXT? Perhaps. Is he back with more power? Yes. He does seem to have more power now.”


The ’black and gold’ era of NXT is remembered by fans as one of the most exciting times in recent WWE history. Triple H essentially made the brand an all-star independent promotion backed by the largest wrestling company in the world. Many were turned off by the rebranding to NXT 2.0.

The only thing we know for sure at this point is that Triple H is back in Orlando. The size of his influence on the NXT brand remains to be seen. Many fans are holding their breath for positive changes shortly.

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