WWE found lightning in a bottle with the odd pairing of Matt Riddle and Randy Orton. RK-Bro became one of the most popular acts in WWE. With Randy Orton’s recent injury, Riddle even got a main event Undisputed WWE Universal Championship shot against Roman Reigns on last week’s SmackDown.

The pair was never supposed to stay together for the long term. Positive fan reaction and undeniable chemistry between Riddle and Randy Orton kept it going for far longer than planned. With Orton facing long-term injury, WWE could have the perfect opportunity to finally break the two up.

Dave Meltzer discussed how he thinks an RK-Bro split will go on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. After a long layoff, the seeds are already planted for Orton to turn on his partner. The payoff might take a while due to Randy Orton’s injury.

“You dedicated a match to me and you blew it, you never won the big one, yeah. I could see that being a direction, and not a bad one either. I think Orton and Riddle if they do the thing, and the way it looks now, with Orton being out so long, we’re not doing it until 2023. So, by that time, you know what? Inevitably that was the idea and it’s a hell of a lot better doing it in 2023 than 2021.”


Randy Orton’s extended time off would give the team time to cool off in the minds of fans. Orton could become an instant top heel should he break up the team. Everything seems ready-made for a breakup, but fans have heard all of that before.

Time will tell how WWE handles RK-Bro when Randy Orton eventually returns. For now, Riddle has lost his chance to win the title after dedicating the match to his friend. Fans could be in for a major surprise once Orton is ready to get back into the ring.

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