Kayla Braxton had established herself as one of the best aspects of WWE’s interview sections in a short time. Her reputation stems from her intriguing relationship with Paul Heyman, but she is much more than that. Kayla also made an interesting remark recently.

Braxton recently took to Twitter to address her alcohol indulgence. Fans keep on asking her why she drinks so much wine and she has now finally decided to put a stop to all those questions. Braxton said that she has a condition where her body doesn’t produce it’s own alcohol and that’s why she resorts to the supplement.

For those who keep asking why I drink so much wine … sadly I have a condition where my body doesn’t produce it’s own alcohol. Therefore, I have to take a supplement.

It seems Braxton got irritated with all those questions about her personal life, so she decided to clap back with a funny post. Kayla Braxton also recently got trolled for claiming she is 5’8”. She is enjoying her life the way she wants to and that’s all Braxton cares about.

Miss Braxton also values herself, which is why she strives to maintain herself in every manner. She loves living life and wishes to get the most out of it as possible. For the very same reason she has to keep her alcohol intake in check as well. We just hope that she is able to maintain herself and stay safe.

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Gunjan Nath

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