Troy “Two Dimes” Donovan was recently fired by WWE after an undisclosed policy violation. The release couldn’t have come at a worse time in terms of how NXT’s storylines are going. Donovan was involved in a major angle involving Tony D’Angelo and Legado Del Fantasma, and WWE has already filmed two weeks’ worth of NXT 2.0 episodes featuring him.

Donovan said he made a mistake and will be back eventually. Reports at the time of Two Dimes’ release noted that WWE told him to take some time away and it was likely that he could return later. That means things seemed to have been amicable despite the firing.

WWE already has the next two episodes of NXT in the can. Both taped shows feature Two Dimes in angles and matches with Tony D’Angelo’s family. Dave Meltzer talked about how WWE might approach the situation on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

“So they taped the stuff with Tony D’Angelo’s family, so they may have to re-edit this thing because Two Dimes was already taped for two more weeks. Although, I guess they don’t have to. They could probably still show him for those two weeks, it’s not the end of the world.”


We will find out tonight if WWE plans to make any edits to remove Two Dimes from the pre-taped NXT shows. It does not appear to be a big deal if they don’t, as it sounds like Troy Donovan will be back at some point down the line. It might not be worth the effort if the relationship ended on friendly terms.

NXT 2.0 will air tonight at 8 PM on USA. Fans who can’t get to a TV can check out full spoilers for this week and next week at Ringside News. While Two Dimes has been fired, he might still have a couple of weeks of television for fans to enjoy.

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Michael Perry

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