Jeff Hardy once again landed in trouble after getting arrested on Monday. He was arrested for DUI while being drunk three times over the legal limit. Tony Khan even considered firing the veteran daredevil. Hardy agreed to get rehabilitated, as per the announcement from AEW owner Tony Khan. However, the announcement came with some delay.

Tony Khan took to Twitter, and revealed that AEW does not stand behind Jeff Hardy’s “alleged behavior.” Along with his indication for wanting to receive help, Hardy stands suspended while getting no pay, and will return to AEW only after completing his treatment and “maintaining his sobriety.”

The announcement took some time because the AEW management was trying to get in touch with the former WWE superstar. Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live that the delay came because the management wanted to confer with Hardy first.

Apparently the reason that they made no announcements yesterday, I guess because they actually wanted to talk to Jeff Hardy before making this announcement. Yesterday, I think during the show, they were still trying to figure out what they were going to do.


Matt Hardy showed his dismay upon getting the news on Twitter, and said that he stands with his brother during throughout the course of his recovery. The road ahead for Hardy is tough, as he could possibly face jail time if found guilty.

Things could have been worse for Jeff Hardy, because Tony Khan apparently wanted to fire him at first.

Booker T recently addressed Jeff Hardy’s arrest and accused AEW for being responsible for Hardy’s relapse. We hope Hardy’s recovery goes well, and he can return to AEW with full force.

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