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Last week’s RAW saw something of a shocking twist; Edge introduced Finn Balor as the new member of The Judgement Day. However Balor, Ripley and Priest then turned on Edge and beat him stupid. WWE.com is teasing a “new direction” for The Judgement Day starting on tonight’s RAW. So what happens next with the group now that Edge is seemingly gone for now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

As fo the rest of tonight’s RAW, Seth Rollins will answer for his vicious assault on Cody Rhodes last week. And that’s all WWE has announced ahead of time, although we can expect to see more of Theory, Bobby Lashley, Riddle, Kevin Owens, and more. We’re heading towards Money In The Bank and tonight could see some qualifying matches.


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We’re live for another episode of Monday Night RAW and The Miz is already in the ring for a new episode of Miz TV. His guest is also there and he introduces himself as the “legendary personal counsel” for the Undisputed Universal Champion.

Miz thanks Heyman for joining him in the “wasteland” that is Kansas City. The fans chant “you suck” and The Miz says “I couldn’t possibly suck, I’m not from Kansas.” The Miz starts talking about Money In The Bank and says, as someone with a 100% success rate at cashing-in, it’s all about waiting for the exact right moment. And the person that wins the contract will more than likely be cashing-in on Roman Reigns.

Heyman says whoever cashes-in will fail. It doesn’t matter what the percentage rates have been in the past, when Roman Reigns is the Champion the percentage goes down to zero. Heyman moves on to Friday night where Roman will defend the Undisputed Universal Championship against Riddle. Heyman says he went to management and told them about a stipulation that could make the match even bigger, but he gets interrupted.

Riddle comes out on his scooter and says he could have sworn he heard them talk about him, so he figured he could come out and get the news first hand. Miz says Riddle is disrespecting him every week now. Heyman says interrupting the two of them shows he has a big set of balls. Riddle asks Miz how his balls are after last week, then says The Bloodline sure talk about him a lot. He doesn’t care what stipulation they have, Roman will have to kill him to stop him.

Heyman says Riddle has a lot of momentum right now but that’s about to be halted on Friday night. And the stipulation is that, if Riddle loses on Friday night, he can never challenge Roman ever again. He says he has a lot of respect for Riddle but he cannot beat Roman Reigns. In fact, he doesn’t think Riddle can beat his opponent tonight. Heyman then introduces Riddle’s problem for tonight, The Uso’s. Before they can get to Riddle, the Street Profits come out and even the odds.

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Jimmy Uso W/Jey Uso Vs. Montez Ford W/Riddle & Angelo Dawkins

We return as this match gets underway and Jimmy chops Ford in the corner before grabbing a side headlock. Ford fights up and connects with a dropkick that sends Jimmy out of the ring. Montez is pumped and Jimmy regroups with Jey. Back inside, Jimmy drops Ford before whipping him hard into the turnbuckles.

Ford gets Jimmy down with an armlock but Uso fights up and forces him to the corner. Jimmy chops Montez and tosses him over the ropes but Ford lands on the apron. Ford connects with an enziguiri and runs Jimmy into the buckles, then looks for a springboard but eats an uppercut. Jimmy gets on the apron and lands a suplex.

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We’re back live and Ford escapes from a waistlock and lands some right hands. Ford with a flying clothesline and both men are down. Ford runs Uso into the buckles, then lands a spinebuster. Jimmy comes back with a pop-up spinebuster for a two-count. The action spills to the apron and Jimmy looks for the suplex again but can’t get it.

On the apron, Jimmy runs at Ford and leaps but lands on the top of the ring post. Ford gets on the ropes and grabs Jimmy but gets knocked down with headbutts. Ford runs over and hits a standing Frakensteiner to Jimmy on the top rope. Ford looks for From The Heavens but Jimmy gets his knees up and Jimmy pins him for the win.

Winner: Jimmy Uso

We see a video package of Cody Rhodes wrestling through injury at Hell In A Cell, then his promo the following night on RAW. Rhodes was viciously attacked by Seth Rollins, who we’ll be hearing from after the break.

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Seth Rollins is with Kevin Patrick for a sit-down interview. He says he meant everything he said in the ring to Cody Rhodes last week. But Cody is a virus that has been plaguing WWE since WrestleMania. Sometimes in life you have to make unpopular decisions, and when nobody is on your side you have to take matters into your own hands. He says Cody was a danger to himself as well as everyone else. In his WWE it’s adapt or perish, always will be.

So no, he has no remorse in what happened. He takes pride in what he accomplished. The American nightmare is over. Patrick asks what’s next and Rollins says one of his great moments was cashing-in the Money In The Bank briefcase, so why not try to one-up himself? Patrick says Seth will have to beat AJ Styles tonight in order to qualify and Rollins says AJ isn’t on his level. And if AJ tries to stand in his way he’s going to have to do to him what he did to Cody Rhodes. Rollins starts laughing but AJ Styles comes from out of nowhere and drops him with a right hand. AJ says “that was for Cody” and leaves.

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The 24/7 Champion, Dana Brooke, comes to the ring for a rematch against Becky Lynch. After making her way to the ring, Becky attacks Brooke before the match even begins. Lynch stomps Brooke down in the corner and the fans chant her name. Becky tosses Brooke out of the ring, then into the barricade. Becky slams Brooke into the announce desk, then grabs a microphone.

Lynch says this isn’t about the 24/7 Championship, she doesn’t care about that. This is about respect. Week-after-week she gets disrespected despite making the division worth watching. So she’s thinking about climbing the ladder back to the top, but before that she has some unfinished businesss. Becky attacks Brooke again but then Asuka comes running down and they start brawling.

Asuka slams Becky into the apron a few times, then they get in the ring and trade strikes. Asuka gets the better of Lynch and she rolls out of the ring. As Lynch is leaving and talking trash to Asuka, Alexa Bliss walks out and they have a staredown. Bliss will be in action after the break.

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Money In The Bank Qualifying Match

Alexa Bliss & Liv Morgan Vs. Doudrop & Nikki A.S.H

Bliss starts with Nikki and A.S.H takes her down right away. Bliss comes back with an arm-drag, then dropkicks Nikki. Doudrop tags in but Bliss hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and she runs into the buckles. Bliss attempts a crossbody but gets caught and slammed. Doudrop hits a senton for a two-count. Nikki tags in and drills Bliss with some knees.

Morgan and Doudrop get tags and Liv lands a series of kicks, an enziguiri, and a springboard Codebreaker. Morgan goes to the middle rope and hits a missile dropkick for a two-count. Alexa tags back in but Doudrop drops her with a headbutt, then knocks Morgan off the apron. Doudrop lifts her up and Nikki tags in to help hit a sidewalk slam for a near-fall.

Doudrop pulls Morgan out of the ring and scoop slams her on the floor, then looks to hit a running senton but Liv rolls out of the way. Nikki dropkicks Morgan through the ropes, then poses in the ring as the fans boo. Bliss jumps up, kicks Nikki in the gut, and hits her with a snap DDT to qualify for the Money In The Bank ladder match.

Winner: Alexa Bliss & Liv Morgan

We see a replay of Finn Balor joining The Judgement Day last week, only to turn on Edge and oust him from the group. We’ll hear from The Judgement Day later tonight.

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Kevin Owens Vs. Ezekiel

The bell rings and Ezekiel looks for a running knee but Owens avoids it, then hits a superkick. Owens connects with a cannonball, then goes up top and hits a frog splash for a near-fall. The action spills out of the ring and Ezekiel whips Owens into the ring post, then beats him against the barricade. Owens gets on the apron and snaps Ezekiel on the top rope.

Owens rushes back into the ring and gets caught with a spinebuster but kicks out at two. Owens rolls back to the apron and Ezekiel joins him. Ezekiel wants a suplex on the apron but Owens fights him off. Ezekie drags Owens off the apron onto his shoulders, then hits an Attitude Adjustment onto the steel steps!

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Owens is in control of Ezekiel. KO looks for a senton but Ezekiel gets his knees up. They trade punches, then Ezekiel hits Owens with a mule kick. Ezekiel lands some clotheslines and an modified exploder. Ezekiel hits a big splash to Owens in the corner, then wants a suplex but Owens blocks it.

Owens looks for a Stunner but Ezekiel shoves him off, then connnects with a leaping knee and Owens stumbles out of the ring. Ezekiel goes after KO and they fight around the announce desk. Ezekiel attempts a splash to Owens against the ring post, but KO moves and Zeke hits the ring post! Ezekiel rolls into the ring but Owens loses it at Byron Saxton and gets counted out!

Winner Via Count-Out: Ezekiel

After the match Ezekiel gets a microphone and says he isn’t done with Owens just yet, but more importantly he wants in the Money In The Bank match. He called his older brother, Elias, and he’s so excited that he’s coming to RAW next week and bringing his guitar with him. Owens loses it on the stage, screaming that Elias is already here.

*Commercial Break*

MVP and Omos come to the ring. MVP says Cedric Alexander has gotten on his last nerve. He doesn’t know when to take a no. So much so that he stuck his nose in their business at Hell In A Cell. Well it’s time for Cedric to learn that he belongs at the bottom with all the fans, while him and Omos belong up high, with the Money In The Bank briefcase. MVP says once he’s done with Alexander once-and-for-all they can focus on the Nigerian giant in the bank.

MVP W/Omos Vs. Cedric Alexander

The bell rings and MVP wastes time talking to Omos, allowing Alexander to attck. Cedric dropkicks the knee, then hits an enziguiri. Alexander hits a rope-assisted STO for a two-count. Alexander runs off the ropes but Omos distracts him and MVP follows-up with a clotheslmine. MVP lands a Ballin’ Elbow, then the Playmaker for the win.

Winner: MVP

AJ Styles is backstage and he says the one thing that has eluded him in his career is the Money In The Bank briefcase and he wants it now more than ever. What Seth Rollins did to Cody Rhodes was disgusting and tonight he’s going to make Rollins wish he never asked to see his killer instinct.

Seth Rollins is then shown backstage and he mocks Styles and says he’s a coward. Rollins says he wants to dedicate his match tonight, as well as his inevitable win at Money In The Bank to the American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes.

*Commercial Break*

Money In The Bank Qualifying Match

Seth Rollins Vs. AJ Styles

The match gets underway and Styles storms Rollins, beating him into the corner. Rollins tackles AJ to the mat and fires off some rapid punches. Styles avoids Rollins and dropkicks him. Seth rolls from the ring but Styles goes after him and whips him into the barricade. Styles jumps over the top rope with a flying forearm to Rollins and gets him back in the ring.

Styles hits a backbreaker for a two-count. Rollins gets out of the ring and Styles goes after but Seth runs around the ring and back inside, then stomps AJ. Rollins throws AJ over the ropes and knocks him off the apron, then follows-up with a suicide dive that sends Styles over the barricade as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and they’re trading blows and Styles slams him for a two-count. Styles ducks a clothesline and hits a wheelbarrow facebuster for a near-fall. AJ connects with a splash in the corner but Rollins rolls him up for a two-count, then lands Avada Kadavra for another near-fall. Styles counters Seth and locks in the calf crusher.

Rollins can’t reach the ropes so instead he slams AJ’s head into the mat a few times to force the break. Styles grabs his legs and tries to lift him but Rollins lands on his feet, only for Styles to hit a Pele kick and both men are down. They punch each other on their knees, rising to their feet, and Rollins wants a Buckle Bomb but AJ counters and connects with a snap suplex into the buckles for a near-fall!

Styles goes to the apron and wants the Phenomenal Forearm but Seth ducks him, then hits a chop block. Rollins then grabs AJ and wants a Pedigree but Styles counters and hits Ushigoroshi for a near-fall. Styles leg is hurt and he crawls to the apron. He can’t springboard, so he climbs the ropes. Rollins climbs up alongside but AJ slides between the legs and trips Rollins.

Seth fires back with a buckle bomb, then goes up top for a frog splash but Styles rolls out of the way. AJ slowly gets to his feet and wants a Styles Clash but Rollins attacks the leg to get free. AJ goes for the Styles Clash aagin but this time Rollins rolls him up and scores the pin to qualify for the Money In The Bank match.

Winner: Seth Rollins

*Commercial Break*

Riddle comes to the ring for his match against Tommaso Ciampa. The Miz joins the commentary team for this one.

Riddle Vs. Ciampa

The bell rings and Ciampa looks for a knee but Riddle avoids him, then slams him down a few times. Riddle goes for an armbar but Ciampa locks his hands, then deadlifts Riddle and slams his head into the buckles to break the submission. Ciampa and Riddle trade blows until Ciampa stomps on his foot and takes him down.

Ciampa grabs a side headlock. Riddle tries to fight up but Ciampa counters with a reverse DDT for a two-count. Riddle starts firing back, hits a flying forearm in the corner, then hits a snap powerslam. Riddle puts Ciampa on the apron and hits Willow’s Bell. Riddle wants an RKO but Ciampa counters him and attacks his foot again.

Ciampa takes his knee-pad down and hits a running knee but Riddle kicks out. Ciampa wants the Fairytale Ending but Riddle escapes and connects with a ripcord knee. Riddle goes up top and hits a floating bro – landing directly on Ciampa’s legs. Riddle drops down and punches the mat, then hits Ciampa with a RKO for the win.

Winner: Riddle

The RAW Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair, comes to the ring where she’ll be speaking after the break.

*Commercial Break*

Bianca Belair is interviewed by Kevin Patrick. She says Rhea Ripley is the new number one contender and it’s interesting because Ripley and her have had very paralell journeys. In NXT, the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, they’ve been there side-by-side for much of it. But now Ripley has joined The Judgement Day and she doesn’t recognise her anymore. Ripley thinks she’s intimidating but that won’t work on her.

Ripley appears on the screen, flanked by Damian Priest and Finn Balor. She says Bianca has no idea who she is anymore. Finn says they’re tired of taking orders, which is why they knocked Edge off his perch. Priest says they’re grateful to Edge for paving the way but he was a hypocrite. He said to break free from shackles but painted himself as their leader, so he sealed his own fate. Now they are all equals.

Rhea says if Belair freed herself from seeking the approval of the fans she might actually stand a chance at Money In The Bank. Ripley says she doesn’t have to tell people she’s intimidating, she just is. Last week she had her front teeth knocked out and she loved it. And at Money In The Bank, she will eradicate Belair from existence and walk the walk as the two-time RAW Women’s Champion.

Theory is backstage warming-up for his pose-down with Bobby Lashley. He’s asked how he’s feeling. He says he’s in the zone, he’s got his tan, his pump on, and… come to think of it, why is he explaining this? He’s firing on all cylinders. Sure Lashley attacked him like a coward last week but tonight he’ll prove that Lashley isn’t on his level. And tonight is also about him proving he is the best investment Mr. McMahon ever made. In twenty years when they celebrate his career it will make Cena’s twenty years look like nothing.

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Mustafa Ali Vs. Chad Gable W/Otis

The match begins and Ali grabs a wristlock but Gable flips out and takes him down with a trip. Ali is whipped to the ropes, ducks a clothesline, and hits a hurricanrana. Ali with two arm-drags then he tells Gable to shoosh! Gable gets angry and runs at him but Ali dodges him. Ali rushes Gable in the corner but Chad sidesteps and shoves Ali face-first into the middle buckle.

Gable whips Ali to the ropes and hits a back elbow for a two-count, then goes to a bow-and-arrow stretch. Ali fights out but Gable catches him with a double underhook German suplex for a near-fall. Gable goes to the top rope for a moonsalt but Ali moves and Gable lands on his feet. Ali rallies with clotheslines and a springboard tornado DDT.

Ali goes up top and wants the 450 splash but Otis drags Gable under the bottom rope and out of the way. Mustafa jumps down off the top and kicks Otis’s arm away but Gable capitalises on the distraction by hitting a rolling German suplex and scores the pinfall!

Winner: Chad Gable

*Commercial Break*

Veer Mahaan Vs. Rey Mysterio W/Dominik

The bell rings and Veer looks to grab Rey but the lucha legend avoids it and kicks his leg. Veer then does grab him and slams Rey down face-first. Mahaan eats a few more leg kicks but hits a shoulder tackle. Mahaan splashes Mysterio in the corner, then slides him under the bottom rope and he lands chest-first on the floor.

Veer gets Rey back in the ring but Mysterio kicks him away. Mahaan continues attacking Rey in the corner until Mysterio eventually ducks him and hits a few kicks. Rey wants a tilt-a-whirl but Veer counters and delivers a knee to the gut. Mahaan looks for a shoulder tackle in the corner but Rey avoids it and he hits the ring post.

Veer falls to the floor where Dominik is cheering his father, so Mahaan boots him backwards, then clotheslines him over the barricade! Mahaan gets back in the ring and Rey rallies with some kicks and running forearms, then looks for a flying crossbody but Mahaan catches him and hits a release sidewalk slam. Veer applies the cervical clutch and Mysterio taps out right away.

Winner: Veer Mahaan

This Friday night will see Riddle challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Universal Championship. Next week we will get a qualifying match for the women’s Money In The Bank ladder match between Asuka and Becky Lynch. Also next week, Elias will return to RAW with a concert.

*Commercial Break*

The United States Champion, Theory, comes to the ring for a pose-down with Bobby Lashley. Adam Pearce is there to oversee proceedings and he introduces the All Mighty.

Pearce says the ground rules are that, this is a spectator sport where they will take part in three poses and the winner will be decided by the WWE Universe. Theory says, actually, Pearce screwed up already. This is his show. Pearce tells him to get on the podium for his poses or he will disqualify him right now.

Theory does his three poses; double bicep, side chest, and most muscular. Theory won’t stop posing, so Lashley takes te microphone and says Theory brought this on himself so he’s going to embarass him. Lashley gets on the podium and perform the double bicep, side chest, and most muscular. Pearce turns it to the audeince but Theory tells him to shut up and asks the fans to cheer for him but they boo.

The fans then cheer for Lashley, so Pearce announces Lashley as the winner and gets out of the ring. Theory tells them to hold on a second and says there is one more pose, then he squirts baby oil in Bobby’s face! Theory dropkicks a blinded Lashley and he rolls from the ring. Theory stands on the podium and takes selfies while officials help Lashley with towels.

And that’s it for this week’s RAW, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for NXT. Until next time, stay safe.

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