Impractical Jokers star, Brian “Q” Quinn has received a lot of great opportunities thanks to his prank show. The comedian recently revealed that he received an offer to make a pro-wrestling debut.

Brian revealed on Tell Em Steve Dave that he is in discussions with wrestling promotion regarding a one-time match. He noted that the offer was similar to the work that Shaquille O’ Neal did in AEW back in 2021. He shared, “I have a choice in front of me. I got an offer to begin a wrestling career, pro wrestling. As a wrestler. It would only be for a one-time, gimmick, storyline, but I have to go down to Atlanta to train. (I’d train for) 10 to 15 days.”

He added, “It can be done in groups. Why would I not? I’m at a crossroads because I’m like, ‘what do I do?’ Is this a thing where I get in there and I break spine? I doubt there’s a handsome payment in it.”

“I was told that it’s something similar to what Shaq did, he went through a table. It’s not a heavy lift, but you want to have fun with it. I think I have to do it. It’s more of a time thing than anything, just finding the time,” he continued.


Q also added that he’d like the offer to be extended to the other Impractical Jokers as well. He noted, “They asked me, but I told them, ‘it has to be extended to everybody.’ I don’t think they would do it.”

While Q did not specify whose promotion issued the offer, it is widely assumed that it was AEW, considering Impractical Jokers aired for nine seasons on TruTV, which is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, and so is AEW’s TV networks TBS and TNT.

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Sanchari Ghosh

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