John Cena and Theory have been teasing feud over social media and through recent interviews. Cena said that the protege of Mr. McMahon is his favorite current WWE superstar, but that he needs an attitude adjustment. Theory responded by telling Cena to stop playing dress-up and do something.

The two have been exchanging both respectful words and taunts for months. Cena is one of Theory’s heroes, but the cocky young star wants to prove that he is better. With John Cena’s return anticipated soon, the match could be right around the corner.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the potential feud. It was noted that Theory would likely beat Cena if the two were to wrestle. Meltzer doesn’t think Theory should be the one to get the huge rub from defeating the WWE legend.

“I think that there’s people who, I mean I’ve certainly heard people running around with this idea of Cena and Austin Theory. I haven’t really asked about it…


That [Theory beating Cena] would be brutal. That is wrestling, though. The part-timer who is 45-years-old should lose to the young guy on the way up. He absolutely should. Whether people will accept it or not is a different thing. I mean, it used to be you could do that and make a star, and now… it’s not as guaranteed.

Theory, you know, he’s another one who checks a bunch of boxes, but he’s missing something… Being great. He’s not great.”

Time will tell if and how fans react if Theory wrestles and defeats John Cena. It would be a landmark moment in his career. Whether fans accept it is a completely different story.

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