Braun Strowman’s release from WWE was something no one saw coming as he was a huge star there. Following his release, Strowman concentrated on himself. Strowman recently displayed his rigorous workout mentality and mindset.

Strowman recently took to Twitter to upload a video of him working out like a beast. He said that failed to achieve his goal of reaching 5 sets as his body didn’t allow him. Strowman acknowledged that sometimes we need to fail in order to succeed.

It’s ok to fail Success comes from failure I wanted 5 reps on this today and my body said no. Well that pisses me so I will make sure I do what I have to to get that extra rep next time. One day at a time I strive to be the best.Every time I fail I have a reason to be successful

Braun Strowman has been busy with a variety of endeavors since his release from WWE. He is also an active social media user who is not scared to speak his opinions on any topic. EC3 and Braun Strowman had previously collaborated during the Control Your Narrative event.


Although their promotion is still very new, Strowman already has far too much pride about its success. Strowman continues to promote anything related to ‘Control Your Narrative’ right now, despite the fact that it has yet to make an impact. Perhaps Strowman should learn that if he truly wants people to care about what he does, he needs to adopt a different mindset in life.

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