WWE will present the Hell in a Cell premium live event on Sunday night, June 5th. The Allstate Arena in Chicago is expected to be packed for the show. As it currently stands, HIAC is looking an awful lot like a Raw exclusive event.

The card thus far includes only matchups from the red brand. Of course, that means no tag team title match is scheduled for the event. The Usos unified the Raw and SmackDown tag team championships by defeating RK-Bro.

That creates a huge problem for Hell in a Cell, as there is also no world champion on Raw. The Bloodline holds all the major men’s gold at the moment. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed whether a match featuring The Usos might be added for the Chicago event and what could be next for Roman Reigns.

“WWE, obviously, SmackDown on Friday is the go-home for this unbelievable pay-per-view show. As of mid-week, early week, or whatever… Early week. The Uso’s match with Nakamura and Riddle was not scheduled for Sunday’s pay-per-view. Now, it could be on Sunday’s pay-per-view.”


But, the plan was for it to be… They are doing the match. The plan was to do it in Vegas, which, of course, as you recall, the plan for Vegas was Roman Reigns against Riddle. Now, Roman Reigns is not necessarily off that show, but Roman Reigns and Riddle is probably off the show, but they can always change their minds. They can change everything tomorrow.

I thought for sure that match would be on the Chicago show, because it’s like, Chicago show, they’ve got a sold-out crowd. You know, obviously, Cody and Seth in the Hell in a Cell is the main event and you’ve got the three-way for the Raw women’s title. Well, they’ll probably do something and add some matches. I mean, it makes no sense to me that the Uso’s match wouldn’t be on this show. It just doesn’t even make sense, but we’ll see.”

It would make sense to have something from SmackDown on Hell in a Cell. With no major men’s championships currently on Raw, it would take a lot of shine off the show not to have The Usos compete, especially if Roman Reigns doesn’t have match. We should find out exactly what the plan is on this week’s episode of SmackDown.

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Michael Perry

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