Lacey Evans made her return to WWE SmackDown recently. Evans has been cast as a babyface, telling viewers about her difficult yet inspiring life experience. Mike Johnson of PW Insider has reported that WWE will be switching brands for Lacey Evans.

It seems WWE falsely advertised Lacey Evans’ return on RAW. Lacey was supposed to be in the ring this week but a clip of her revealed that she was present at a NASCAR race instead.

Dave Meltzer discussed Lacey’s absence from RAW on in the latest installment of Wrestling Observer Radio.

They said she was gonna be at the show this week which she wasn’t. I just remember them saying she would be on the show. She would be back on RAW this week which in fact, she was not but I guess, they can go and see well, there’s a clip of her. That was like a very short clip.


Lacey made an appearance in front of the audience with new patriotic-themed music on SmackDown. She was destined to be a hero. The southern belle shtick had completely vanished.

Evans will have to adjust to some major adjustments in her persona as a result of the transition to Raw and the changeover to portraying a heel. There’s no indication on how Lacey will be turned heel by WWE, or even if it will be explained. Her valiant debut to the blue brand was short-lived. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

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