MJF managed to create havoc before Double Or Nothing after missing the AEW fan fest event. That was only the beginning; the rest of the day was filled with commotion and misinformation. There is solid proof that MJF never ever attempted to fly out of Las Vegas.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed MJF’s situation with AEW on Wrestling Observer Radio. He said that MJF vs Wardlow was always listed as the first to go in the internal lineup. That hasn’t changed in any way. So MJF arriving up at the last minute and then leaving right afterwards tells that it’s all about the plot and any real drama is likely blown out of proportion.

They have come to an agreement obviously. And, him not showing up tells you there’s a work, a story. If this were real, Tony would have to give him an ultimatum. Like, if you’re not here by 3 o’clock or we’re announcing the match is off. So, him not being there at 4:30, you know he’s gonna be there. They also have the lineup for the show, the talent. It always had MJF listed as going on first. That did not change at all today. So, that tells me him showing up at the last second and then leaving immediately afterwards. This to me, is all storyline.

It was later confirmed that “MJF did not show up until the last minute.” Later on, Meltzer also stated that “He left as soon as his match was over.” With Tony Khan not giving him an ultimatum and how things turned out to be, it all seems to be a part of some storyline.


MJF showed up at AEW Double Or Nothing and was ruthlessly demolished by Wardlow. Tony Khan, however, has remained silent on MJF’s situation. We’ll keep you informed on this story as it develops.

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