Matt Riddle established himself as one of the top Superstars on Monday Night RAW, being part of the ever-popular Team RK-Bro. However, he does not have a squeaky clean track record when it comes to his personal life. Matt Riddle seems to have been further exposed by his apparent ex-girlfriend once again.

It is a well-known fact that Matt Riddle cheated on his wife of 11 years, which was one of the reasons why they divorced. He publicly admitted to this during the #SpeakingOut movement. Ringside News exclusively reported on Riddle’s apparent new love interest as well.

As previously reported, Daniella, Riddle’s alleged ex-girlfriend, called him out for being toxic perverted man. Daniella took to Twitter and uploaded a post, where she further exposed Matt Riddle for being toxic and narcissistic.

She detailed how Riddle was with other women while she was still in a relationship with him and how it became too much for her in the end. She also implied Riddle had done this to other women. In addition to that, she uploaded text messages from Riddle to further prove her claim.


I lost it today being sent a vid of Matthew w a woman he sent me pics f***** just a couple weeks ago … but this vid he was w her in feb 11 2022 when I was his gf . I love this man sadly I still do not wanting to. But as f***** as it seems after friends & family going through months and months of our messages. And knowing the countless phones I’ve made crying to them I didn’t realize what kind of sick f****** up relationship I was in even when I tried to get out multiple times… how poorly I was treated … the things I was doing just to make him happy… the blame I put on myself on top of the blame he was constantly putting on me .

It was so toxic . I am human I have snapped Idc that I seem crazy its because I have gone crazy from now having everything these past few weeks come to light all at once it enough to make anyone go crazy . This man hasn’t just done this to me that’s what kills me and some of the women I’ve spoken w still love him after yrs & months going through situations like mine . But I won’t stand by and be quiet I the wrong one to break

Things simply look worse and worse for Matt Riddle at the moment. Riddle has yet to respond to these allegations and it is not known whether he will or not. Right now he is likely focusing on the huge push coming as a match against Roman Reigns is seemingly around the corner. We’ll keep you updated on this ongoing story.

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