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Tonight’s NXT will be headlined by a rather impromptu bout between Duke Hudson and Bron Breakker. Last week Breakker interrupted Duke’s interview, so Hudson confronted the NXT Champion after the show and and challenged him to a match tonight. Meanwhile Ikemen Jiro has had enough of Von Wagner attacking him and his friends, so he faces the big man tonight.

Indi Hartwell is setting out on her own – since all of her friends have quit or been released – and tonight she looks to test her mettle against the NXT Women’s Champion, Mandy Rose. And sticking with the ladies, Elektra Lopez faces Alba Fyre in a seemingly random match-up. And we’re set to see the semi-finals of the Women’s Breakout Tournament tonight.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


NXT 2.0

This week’s show opens with Tony D’Angelo and his Stacks and Two Dimes backstage. Tony says last week Santos Escobar couldn’t handle things like a man, he had to sucker him with a pair of brass knuckles. But salute to him, next time he won’t get that opportunity. Stacks and Two Dimes say they’re about to smash the faces of Malik Blade and Edris Enofe.

Malik Blade & Edris Enofe Vs. Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo & Troy “Two Dimes” Donovan W/Tony D’Angelo

Stacks takes the fight to Enofe right as the bell rings. Edris is backed into the corner and Donovan tags in so the two goons can hit back elbows to Enofe. Donovan lands a body slam for a one-count, then tags Lorenzo. Stacks elbows Enofe and hits the ropes but Edris leaps over him sideways and connects with a dropkick.

Blade tags in and keeps the offence on Stacks and connects with a dropkick before tagging Enofe again. Enofe and Blade team to knock Stacks down in the corner but Two Dimes causes a distraction and Stacks drops Edris. Donovan tags in and beats Enofe down as we see Legado Del Fantasma watching on a monitor backstage. Enofe starts firing back with elbows and a springboard knee and both men are down.

Tag to Blade and he springboards in and trips on the rope. Blade sends Donovan out of the ring and takes Lorenzo down with a springboard corssbody for a near-fall. A backslide to Lorenzo earns Malik a two-count. Lorenzo takes Enofe down at ringside and then Blade is dropped with a clotheslined as Legado Del Fantasma walk down the ramp. Two Dimes tags in and they hit stereo punches and kicks to the face for the win.

Winners: Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo & Troy “Two Dimes” Donovan W/Tony D’Angelo

As soon as the match ends, Tony D’Angelo gets a microphone and tells Legado to bring it. Legado rush down to the ring and the two families brawl until they’re pulled apart by officials as the fans chant “let them fight!”

Wes Lee is interviewed backstage and he says he was running on adrenaline when he challenged Sanga to a match last week. He felt disrespected and he stands by what he said. Lee says we might not understand it, but he needs to face guys like Sanga to prove to himself and everyone else that he can do it.

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Sanga Vs. Wes Lee

The bell rings and Lee, with bandaged ribs, jumps on Sanga with a side headlock. Sanga throws him off and catches a kick. Sanga forces Lee to the corner, then hits one of the biggest biels you’ll ever see. Sanga shoves Lee into the ropes and forearms him in the back when he bounces back. Sanga stands on Lee and gets out of the ring.

Sanga drags Lee under the ropes and uppercuts him. Sanga grabs a bear hug to target the taped ribs. Lee elbows himself free an lands some kicks that knock Sanga out of the ring. Wes dives over the ropes onto Sanga but the big man doesn’t fall. Lee beats Sanga against the steel steps but the big man fires back with a clubbing blow and he goes down.

Back inside the ring, Lee knocks Sanga down with a kick, then dives off the ropes but Sanga avoids him. Sanga hits a clothesline that turns Lee inside out. Sanga picks Lee up and hits a massive chokeslam, then covers him for the pinall.

Winner: Sanga

After Sanga leaves, Xyon Quinn comes down the ring. Quinn corner Lee, who can barely stand, but Sanga returns and throws Quinn backwards. Sanga helps Lee to his feet.

Cora Jade is backstage with Roxanne Perez and she asks her if she’s ready for the semi-final tonight. Jade reminds Perez of a time where some girl threw their stuff out of the locker room and she beat her that night. Perez reminds Jade that she hit the girl with her skateboard afterwards. They joke around and agree to go watch the match between Alba Fyre and Elektra Lopez.

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Bron Breakker is walking around backstage and two guys tell him that Joe Gacy is in the room down the hall. Breakker busts into the room but there’s no-one there. The NXT Championship is hanging on a locker and next to it is a photograph of Breakker when he was a kid.

Alba Fyre Vs. Elektra Lopez

The match starts with a lock-up and they immediately spill out of the ring. Lopez runs Alba into the apron, then back into the ring. Fyre dropkicks Lopez for a one-count. Lopez starts going after the left arm of Fyre and runs her into the ring post. Lopez goes outside and yanks Alba’s arm into the post, then waves at Cora Jade in the front row.

Fyre moves out of the way of a boot then kicks Lopez in the gut and tries for her Gory Bomb but Elektra counters. Lopez catches Alba with a boot to the face. Fyre rolls up Lopez but she kicks out. Fyre drills Lopez with a headbutt, then heads up top and hits Lopez with a swanton bomb and gets the pinfall!

Winner: Alba Fyre

After the match Lopez smacks the popcorn out of Cora Jade’s hands. She gets in Cora’s face and they trash talk.

Diamond Mine is backstage and Damon Kemp informs The Creed Brothers that their match with Pretty Deadly isn’t tonight isn’t happening because Roderick Strong rolled his ankle. Julius says that’s a BS excuse, Roddy’s ankle better be hanging by a thread. Kemp says he’ll go get some more information and Julius says Prety Deadly can have tonight but they won’t be so lucky at In Your House.

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Fallon Henley is backstage with Briggs and Jensen and it’s announced that Nikkita Lyons got injured training and she can’t compete in the Tournament. Henley wishes Lyons well and says it’s not her preferreed way of getting to the final but it is what it is. Tiffany Stratton walks up and says Henley should be ashamed that she got a pass to the final. Her little cowgirl look might fool dumb and dumber (Briggs and Jensen), but it isn’t fooling her. Henley says she’ll happily kick Stratton’s ass to get to the final.

Women’s Breakout Tournament


Lash Legend Vs. Rozanne Perez

The match gets underway and Perez lands some strikes but Legend counters her and hits a reverse suplex. Legend picks Perez up with a stalling double underhook, then lands a backbreaker for a two-count. Lash chokes Perez on the bottom rope, then lifts her up but Rozanne slides around onto her back and applies a sleeper.

Legend runs Perez into the buckles a few times to force the break, but Roxanne lands some running forearms and backs Lash up to the corner. Roxanne wants a headscissors but Legend throws her off and hits a clothesline. Legend wants a powerbomb but Perez counters with Pop Rox for the win!

Winner: Roxanne Perez

Toxic Attraction are backstage and they start talking trash about Indi Hartwell but they get attacked by Kayden Carter and Katana Chance. Officials try to break it up and Mandy leaves for her match, next!

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Indi Hartwell Vs. Mandy Rose

The match gets underway and Hartwell grabs the arm but Rose moves to the ropes to force the break. Mandy slams Indi down by the hair for a one-count. Rose wrings the arm, elbows the shoulder, and starts targetting the limb. Rose hits a running knee to the shoulder of Indi in the corner, then hits a snapmare and a kick to the back.

Rose drills Hartwell with shoulders in the corner. Hartwell whips Mandy to the opposite corner and hits snake eyes, then lands some short-arm clotheslines. Hartwell lands a sidewalk slam for a two-count and Mandy rolls out of the ring to regroup.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Indi fight out of an abdominal stretch and hit a hip toss. Mandy drills Indi with a forearm to the jaw for a two-count. Rose shouts in Hartwell’s face and shoves her. Hartwell fights up and they trade shots but she gets the better of the exchange. Indi sends Mandy to the apron and hangs her on the ropes for a big boot and scores a two-count.

Indi lands a flurry of offence and catches Rose with a spinebuster for a two-count. Both women are down and out come Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne but Katana Chance and Kayden Carter come running down behind them. The four of them brawl around ringside. Jayne gets in the ring and knocks Chance out. Indi then boots Jayne but Rose drops Indi with a knee and scores the win.

Winner: Mandy Rose

After the match Rose goes up the rap and poses with her title as the other four women fight off into the abyss. Wendy Choo attacks Rose from behind and lifts the NXT Women’s Championship.

Bron Breakker is shown being interviewed backstage. The interviewer asks if Gacy is getting in his head and Bron says he’s not falling for the games. The TV behind them suddenly shows a clip of Bron scoring a 84-yard touchdown in high school. Breakker says he has no idea how Gacy got that clip. His dad was meant to be at that game but he couldn’t make it. Bron shakes his head and says it won’t work.

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Pretty Deadly are backstage and they make fun of Diamond Mine, saying there is some major issues in the mine. They are in total sync and they are synonymous with tag team greatness.

Women’s Breakout Tournament


Fallon Henley Vs. Tiffany Stratton

They lock-up and Stratton gets whipped to the corner where she leaps over Henley and does some backflips. Henley grabs a side headlock but gets shot off and hits a shoulder tackle. Henley taunts Stratton, who then pulls her hair and slaps her across the face. Stratton boots Henley in the gut, but eats a few kicks.

Henley drops Stratton on the bottom rope, slides under and connects with an uppercut. Henley gets on the apron but Stratton snaps her leg on the rope. Stratton hits a hip attack to Fallon, then kicks her leg a few times. Stratton hits a rope-assisted tope for a near-fall. Stratton with a chop block, then a handspring elbow in the corner.

Stratton hits a double stomp for a near-fall. Tiffany applies a submission to the leg, which is kind of like a modified Figure Eight, during which she blows a kiss to the fans. Henley slaps her to get free, then slams Stratton down by the face. Henley with a clothesline and somre punches, then another facebuster. looks to run but her leg gives out. Stratton connects with a dropkick in the corner, then a spinning Vader Bomb for the win.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton

Grayson Waller comes out to celebrate with Stratton after he win. Stratton is now in the final of the Breakout Tournament, where she will face Roxanne Perez.

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance are interviewed backstage. Chance says they’re fed up with people mistaking their kindness for weakness. Kayden says they don’t care if it’s NXT 1.0 or 2.0, they want to prove that their they best and they’re not taking any crap. They want the Tag Team Titles at In Your House. Wendy Choo walks up and says it would be great if they won the Tag Titles at In Your House, and she won the Women’s Championship.

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Duke Hudson approaches Bron Breakker backstage and says he knows he didn’t do any of those things tonight. Bron says he does. Hudson says regardless, he’s going to be dangerous tonight and Breakker isn’t interested. Duke goads him and Breakker shoves him up against some lockers and Hudson says “Gacy was right about you”.

Von Wagner W/Robert Stone Vs. Ikemen Jiro

Jiro runs down the ramp, slides in, and attacks Wagner right away. Wagner wants a powerbomb but Jiro punches him away. Jiro jumps at Wagner but gets caught with a powerslam. Wagner stomps Jiro and backs him into the corner where he lands some lariats. Jiro goes to the top rope but Wagner rips him off and he hits the buckles on the way down.

Wagner applies a bear hug and takes Jiro down. Ikemen lands some right hands and knocks Wagner back, then goes to the apron and hits a springboard dropkick. Jiro counters a back suplex and hits an enziguiri that knocks Wagner out of the ring. Jiro hits a dropkick through the ropes, then a springboard moonsault to Wagner on the floor.

Jiro gets Wagner back inside and goes up top to hit a leaping STO. Jiro opens his jacket up and readies for… something, but Wagner pulls the jacket over his head and clubs him several times. Von Wagner lifts Jiro up and hits an Angle Slam, then covers him for the win.

Winner; Von Wagner

Sofia Cromwell is on the ramp and she instructs Wagner to to throw Jiro over the ropes like he did to Wes Lee last week. Before he can do it, Josh Briggs appears and fights Wagner off. Cromwell stops Wagner from getting back in te ring.

Tony D’Angelo and his goons are leaving the arena. He says his boys got the win tonight but he’s demanding another meeting with Legado Del Fantasma. Last time they came to meet him, but this time he wants to go to Legado. Stacks and Two Dimes are concerned but D’Angelo says he’s going to make them an offer they can’t refuse.

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Stone, Cromwell, and Von Wagner are backtage and Robert is furious. He says Wagner has pissed off a lot of people in NXT so he’d best have eyes in the back of his head. Cromwell says if you want to make it in NXT you need to ruffle feathers and that’s exactly what Wagner is doing. Stone agrees with her.

Mandy Rose cuts a promo with Gigi and Jacy. She sasys she is done with Wendy Choo. The thought of Wnedy touching her title makes her sick. Choo is a joke, a grown-up kid. Jayne laughs at Katana and Kayden and says they’re going to send them back to munchkin land. They say they make running with the ball look east. Dolan says they rose to the top in remarkable time and the others can’t even get a taste of what they’ve achieved. Next week they can make it official.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams a bareck in the barbershop. Hayes says he needs to get the North American Championship back from Cameron Grimes. He says he’s not walking the same, talking the same, he barely recognises himself. Trick tells him to relax and says Hayes is still the guy. Grimes shows-up and says there’s no need for them to get hot. He says last week before he and Solo beat them down, Hayes said he’s lucky.

Hayes reiterates it and says Grimes doesn’t deserve the title, doesn’t carry it the way he did. He says Grimes is just a title holder. Grimes says he earned the title and all Hayes will ever be is a Champion. Grimes says a lot of people are saying Nathan Frazer is a better version of Hayes, and what better way to prepare for their match than by beating the better version. Then at In Your House he proves that he is the A+ Champion.

*Commercial Break*

Duke Hudson Vs. Bron Breakker

The bell rings and Joe Gacy appears with his red hooded goons above the arena on the platform. Hudson taes advantage of the distraction and backs Breakker into the corner and knees him. Bron fires back with a body slam, then catcshes Duke with a Frankensteiner. Breakker with an exploder suplex but Hudson kicks his knee and gets him down.

Hudson lands some right hands to the back of the head. Breakker leap frogs Duke and hits a gator roll, then deadlifts him for a stalling vertical suplex. Breakker kips-up as Hudson rolls to the outside. Breakker goes out after him but Duke connects with a lariat, then rolls him back in. Hudson scores a two-count, then lands an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Gacy smiels as Bron drops Duke and they’re both down.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Hudson has Breakker on the top rope and punching him. Gacy and his minions are now at ringside. Breakker knocks Hudson back but gets shoved off and lands gut-first on the top rope. Bron falls to the outside and Hudson goes after him to throw him into the steel steps. Gacy is at one side of the ring and his Resident Evil 4 druids are on the ramp blocking the way.

Hudson clobbers Breakker with mounted forearms. Bron slides underneath and looks for the Steiner Recliner but Hudson spins around and whacks him in the throat. Hudson wants the crucifix powerbomb but Bron flips him over. Breakker lands some flying shoulder blocks and rips the straps down. Breakker knocks Hudson out of the ring with a clothesline.

Breakker gets Hudson back inside and the druids make a move but Breakker fights them off. Bron gets back in the ring and Hudson has a steel chair but Bron takes it off him. The hooded men run in and Breakker throws them both back out, then Gacy gets on the apron and Bron swings the chair but he jumps off. Duke grabs Breakker but winds-up getting hit with the chair.

Winner Via Disqualification: Duke Hudson

After the match Breakker is annoyed at himself and Gacy just smiles at him from ringside. The show ends with them staring at each other.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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