Sasha Banks and Naomi shocked many people when they walked out in the middle of WWE Raw last week after being advertised for the main event. This led to a serious discussion that took over the pro wrestling world and remains a huge topic even now. Booker T also commented on Sasha Banks and Naomi’s walkout.

The company has taken the most aggressive stance when it came to their walkout. WWE has actively buried both of them on television and punished them in numerous ways.

This includes them indefinitely suspending both of them. While speaking on The Hall Of Fame with Booker T & Brad Gilmore, Booker T talked about the current situation with Banks and Naomi. Booker T stated that he believes WWE does not have an axe to grind with them. In the end, he said that it was purely business.

“If someone was to walk out on a Reality of Wrestling show, I would fire them,” he said.


One of my wrestlers went out there and totally went against the grain one night after I set him up to win. I told him to pack his bags and I never want to see him again because that’s not the way this works. I give you a script and you want to go out there and go off script, this is what happens, you get fired. It’s just that simple.

If I had someone who was on the card that night and said, ‘Man, I ain’t doing this because I don’t want to do a job tonight.’ then get out of here.”

I don’t think anything personal towards Naomi or Sasha. You know, this is business. A lot of people are commenting on it like it’s personal, like WWE has an ax to grind against Sasha and Naomi. I really don’t think that’s it.”

Sasha Banks and Naomi are still listed on the active WWE roster. As Ringside News exclusively reported, WWE Creative is not pitching any ideas for Sasha Banks and Naomi’s return. Things are not looking good for both of them and we’ll continue to monitor this situation at Ringside News!

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