It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite “Wild Card Wednesday” will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite “Wild Card Wednesday” is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • Hangman Page. Vs. Konosuke Takeshita (Special Guest Commentator: CM Punk)
  • The Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Semi-Finals: Adam Cole vs. Jeff Hardy
  • The Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Semi-Finals: Dr Britt Baker D.M.D. vs. The Joker
  • The Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Quarter-Finals: Samoa Joe vs. The Joker
  • The Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Quarter-Finals: Kyle O’Reilly vs. Rey Fenix
  • Wardlow Must Take 10 Lashes From MJF
  • Chris Jericho & William Regal Face To Face Confrontation

JR welcomes us to the show and Samoa Joe is the first man out tonight! Next out is the Joker. The Joker is… Johnny Elite! The former John Morrison!

The Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Quarter-Finals: Samoa Joe vs. Johnny Elite


“Joe” chants, Elite gets an elbow strike. “Joes gonna kill you” chants, Joe with a huge chop. Elite with a high kick, picks the ankle, Joes gets to the ropes. Elite with another high kick, Joe kicks back, forcing Elite to the corner. Joe with chops in the corner, Joe with strikes, Elite fights back, roundhouse kick, Joe hits a running back elbow.

Joe with a headbutt, then a stiff kick. Joe wrenches the neck, Elite with a high superkick, Elite with quick jabs, into a front facelock. Joe fights out, jabs in the ropes, Elite with a big lariat sending Joe out of the ring. Elite goes to the top and hits a spinning senton to the outside.

Picture in Picture.

Joe hits a huge running shoulder tackle. Joe with an atomic drop into a running boot, a senton, cover, 2 count. Elite with body shots, tries to pick up Joe but Joe fights out, Joe with a high knee then a big chop. Joe with a cover, 2 count. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster…Elite flips out and hits a Samoan Drop, Elite goes to the top, and hits a 450! Elite covers, 2 count.

Elite goes back to the top, goes for Starship Pain but Joe gets the knees up. Joe with heavy strikes, then hits the Muscle Buster, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Samoa Joe!

Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt run down and attack Joe. Satnam Singh slows walks out, restrains Joe then Jay Lethal hits Joe with a lead pipe. The Best Friends runs down with steel chairs, Lethal, Dutt and Singh flee the ring.

Commentary run down the Tournament brackets. Recap of Darby Allin vs. Jeff Hardy.

The Hardys are interviewed backstage. Jeff says he feels good, the Bucks interrupt. Matt says they don’t have to do this anymore, have you thought about taking a night off? You are just a shell of your former self. Jeff says he has a tournament to win. Jeff is a real Hardy, not a Hardy cosplay like you. Matt say if they interfere in the match tonight, Cole isn’t the only member of the Undisputed Elite who will get their ass whipped.

Cult of Personality hits and CM Punk makes his entrance to join commentary. Konosuke Takeshita makes his entrance, followed by the AEW World Champion, Hangman Page.

Hangman Page. Vs. Konosuke Takeshita

Takeshita runs in with a boot, Page hits elbow strikes, then hits a fall away slam. Page sends Takeshita out of the ring and then hits a dive to the outside. “Cowboy Shit” chants, Takeshita then hits a dive of his own, Page with elbows, Takeshita with an elbow of his own, Page knocks him off the top rope. Page with chops on the apron, Takeshita traps the arm then hits a big forearm. Page hits a back drop on the apron. Page goes to the top and hits a Moonsault to the outside!

Picture in Picture.

Takeshita with forearms, then a crossbody, into a Blue Thunder Bomb, cover, 2 count. Takeshita with a Tope Suicida to the outside. Takeshita with a Helluva Kick, then Page does the same in retaliation. Page with a huge German, Takeshita returns fire with his own German. Both men hit clotheslines and both fall to the mat.

Strikes back and forth, Takeshita with a back elbow, Page hits a Tombstone Piledriver! Page covers, 2 count. Page stares at Punk, then goes for a Buckshot but Takeshita ducks under, Page with strikes, Takeshita hits a rolling elbow, Takeshita hits a Last Ride, cover, 2 count. Takeshita hits a running knee, cover, 2 count. Takeshita with a German but he cant cover as he favours his neck.

Page blocks a running knee, then hits a huge forearm. Page sets up Takeshita on the top rope, Takeshita hits a clothesline on the top, Page rolls through and then hits a Buckshot! Page then picks up Takeshita in a GTS then hits it! Page covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Hangman Page!

CM Punk throws down his headset and stares down Page from the stage. Punk raises his hands, Page picks up his belt and holds hit high. Punk walks down to Page and both men stare down each other, huge “CM Punk” chants as Page leaves.

Commercial Break.

Fuego Del Sol video package with the Dark Order on the House of Black.

Swerve Strickland makes his entrance. His tag partner Keith Lee is out next. JD Drake and Anthony Henry are already in the ring.

Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee vs. JD Drake & Anthony Henry

The crowd sing “Bask in his Glory”, Drake with a chop to little effect. Lee with a big chop of his own. Swerve tags in, Drake with a chop and a tag to Henry. Henry with kicks to Swerve, waistlock, Swerves back him to the corner, then hits a roundhouse kick. Swerve with a kick, then a elbow to the back from the top rope, Swerve with a flatliner.

Drake runs in, Swerve with a chop, Lee tags in, Lee with a springboard crossbody! Lee hits a Pounce to Henry. Lee and Swerve hits a double team Powerbomb/Stomp to Henry. Lee covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee!

Lee gets a mic, he says he has some wonderful news, with that victory, they are now a top 5 ranked tag team. Hobbs and Starks make their entrance. Starks calls Lee Rex from Toy Story. They are selfish, they don’t deserve a shot at the tag titles, they beat them last week. Swerve says Starks looks like a bar of soap. Jurassic Express make their entrance.

Christian says Starks needs to shut the hell up, says Starks look likes he’s going to gold with his grandfather. Starks thinks he’s ready for a real championship. Jurassic Express are the best, and they challenge both teams to a match at Double or Nothing. Christian says next week it should be Jungle Boy vs. Swerve vs. Starks next week.

Tony Schiavone is with Statlander and Rede Velvet backstage. Velvet says things are different now, she is trying to win the whole damn thing, and she will do it the baddie way. Statlander says she has changed, and she will take this opportunity to the top. Jade Carghill walks in and says Statlander needs a real leader.

MJF makes his entrance, accompanied by Shawn Spears. He says he is no longer in Long Island and then fakes throwing up because he is in Texas. MJF says everything is bigger in Texas and he is looking a a bunch of gross fatheads. If Wardlow’s lays a finger on him tonight he will not get the match at Double or Nothing.

Wardlow makes his entrance, handcuffed, accompany by a security team. A big reaction for Wardlow as he enters the arena. Wardlow spits on MJF. MJF takes off his jacket, then whips Wardlow across the back. Wardlow laughs. Another whip, Wardlow looks nonplussed. MJF takes off his shirt, then hits a 3rd whip, then a 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, before Spears pulls him away. Wardlow barely reacts.

Spears takes off his jacket, takes the belt, whips Wardlow, Wardlow doesn’t react. the next whip affects Wardlow and he gets in MJF’s face. Before doing the final lash, MJF hits a low blow. MJF with lashes to a down Wardlow. MJF chokes Wardlow with the belt, MJF puts on the Diamond ring then strikes Wardlow in the face.

Spears picks up Wardlow and hits a C4. Spears covers, MJF count to 3. Spears and MJF stand over Wardlow and MJF shouts in his face.

Commercial Break.

Trent and Romero are backstage. Trent says Roppongi Vice are back together full time. They want the ROH World Tag Team Titles, the IWGP Tag titles, the AEW tag Titles, FTR what do you say?

Kyle O’Reilly makes his entrance. Rey Fenix is out next, accompanied by Death Triangle.

The Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Quarter-Finals: Kyle O’Reilly vs. Rey Fenix

O’Reilly takes down Fenix, headlock, shoulder tackle, a boot, then gets an armbar. Fenix reverses into a cover, 2 count. Fenix with another cover, 2 count. O’Reilly catches a kick and hits one of his own. Fenix with big chops, O’Reilly gets an armbar. Fenix gets a boot, O’Reilly with an elbow strike, Fenix traps O’Reilly in the ropes then hits a springboard boot. Fenix hits a suicide dive to the outside.

Back in the ring, Fenix goes to the top, Frog Splash but O’Reilly catches him in a triangle sleeper. Fenix gets to the ropes. Fenix escapes the ring, O’Reilly chases him and goes after the injured arm. O’Reilly throws Fenix into the ring post.

Picture in Picture.

Strikes back and forth, Fenix knee gives out. Fenix fights throw with forearms, roundhouse kick, O’Reilly throws Fenix out of the ring, and Fenix’s arm gives out. Fenix with a kick, springboard kick to O’Reilly. Fenix hits a Powerbomb of sorts, cover, 2 count.

Fenix blocks a suplex, into a hurricanrana, cover, 2 count. O’Reilly with combo kicks, Fenix with a roundhouse kick, O’Reilly catches Fenix into a combination butterfly suplex. Fenix with strikes in the corner, into another roundhouse kick in the corner. Fenix with a Half and Half Suplex, into a Hook Kick, O’Reilly bounces back with a lariat.

Strikes back and forth, both men down. Fenix with forearms, O’Reilly gets a Dragon Sleeper. O’Reilly rolls through, knee strikes, Fenix with an Enziguri, O’Reilly with a forearm, Fenix with a superkick. Fenix with a tightrope walk into a huricanrana rana to the outside. Fenix goes for a cutter, O’Reilly catches him in an armbar. O’Reilly with an armbar on the injured elbow and Fenix taps out!

WINNER: Kyle O’Reilly!

Commercial Break.

Bryan Danielson makes his entrance, accompanied by William Regal. Jon Moxley’s music hits to bring out Moxley, Eddie Kingston, Santana and Ortiz. Big “Eddie” chants.

The Jericho Appreciation Society are out next. Parker cuts off Judas and the pyro. Jericho gets the mic and says they were attacked last week and you people cheered for it. Jericho says who could have put that together? Of course it was orchestrated by William Regal. Kingston shakes Regals hand. Jericho says its good to see Regal as he thought he would be dead by now. “Asshole” chants to Jericho. Jericho says Regal could have been the greatest of all time like himself, but he ended up as a world class addict. Regal ahs been fired from every company he worked for until he weaselled into AEW, through his proteges.

Santana and Ortiz who get everything through him. Kingston, too stupid to stay home after his face was burned off. If his girl needs any pointers, give Jericho a call. Danielson, possible the greatest wrestler in the world, but just a squeaky clean nerd. If Danielson sticks with Regal too long he will have to join the program with Moxley. Jericho will throw a fireball in Regal face or at least piss in Regal tea again.

Regal say since 97, he has had to listen to Jericho, please be quiet. You may be right, but there is one thing that keeps him going, for every time he was one a show with Jericho, he would go to Jericho locker room, take out his bag, take out Jericho toothbrush and stick it right up his bottom. He did it to Garcia’s toothbrush last week as well.

Jericho says at Double or Nothing if they want a fight, we challenge you to the 3rd ever Stadium… Moxley interrupts and says he isn’t doing that shit. At Double or Nothing it will be 5 on 5 in glorious violence. Pro Wrestling vs. Sport Entertainment. Jericho says they are a well oiled machine, Moxley and Santana don’t like each other. Danielson told Kingston he was lazy. Kingston told Danielson he was a judgemental prick.

Kingston says he doesn’t want to wait, lets get in the ring and fight. Jericho says forget it and the JAS leave. Kingston tries to go after them but Danielson stops him. Danielson and Kingston push each other.

Matt Sydal and Dante Martin says the BCC cant get along with anybody. The BCC want a fight, they will get one on Rampage against AEW’s highest flyers.

Britt Baker makes her entrance, accompanied by Rebel and Jaime Hayter. The Joker is… Maki Itoh! Itoh sings her way to the ring.

The Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Semi-Finals: Dr Britt Baker D.M.D. vs. Maki Itoh

Both women hug. Itoh, lays down, then gets an inside cradle, 2 count. Baker with a strike and Itoh cries… Itoh stomps on Bakers foot then gives Baker the finger. Itoh with a shoulder tackle. Baker goes for the Lockjaw, Itoh gets a cover, 2 count. Baker with elbow strikes, into a Slingblade, cover, 2 count.

Picture in Picture.

Baker with a suplex, cover, 2 count. Itoh with a suplex, Baker with stomps. Baker takes out the glove and puts it on. Baker throws Itoh to the corner, Itoh laughs. Baker throws Itoh to the corner again and Itoh laughs then headbutt the turnbuckle herself. Itoh with a big headbutt to Baker. Itoh with a tornado DDT, cover, 2 count. Itoh hits a diving headbutt, cover, 2 count.

Baker with a trust kick, then gets the Lockjaw, Itoh taps out.

WINNER: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D!

Toni Storm’s music hits and she comes out to the stage. Storm stares down Baker.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring. Next week will be the 3 year anniversary of AEW. Serena Deeb interrupts, she says she is sick of hearing Schiavone talk. Deeb says she heard that Tony said Rosa would beat her last week. “Thunder Rosa” chants. Schiavone made himself look like a complete idiot last week. Deeb calls out Dustin Rhodes.

Rhodes comes out, Deeb makes fun of Texas sports teams, of course they would cheer the poster boy of failure. Deeb respected Dustin, but she gets no respect, she put breast implants in her body for some old perverts. She shaved her head and still got no respect. Why did Dustin say she couldn’t beat Rosa? Dustin doesn’t have the balls to answer her. When she beats Rosa and becomes Champion, Dustin will respect her.

Thunder Rosa comes out, Deeb slaps Dustin. Rosa goes to attack but Dustin blocks her, Rosa accidentally elbows Dustin, Deeb hits Rosa with the belt and walks away holding the belt.

Commercial Break.

Jeff Hardy makes his entrance, accompanied by Matt Hardy. Adam Cole attacks Jeff from behind!

The Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Semi-Finals: Adam Cole vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff with a kick as soon as the bell rings. Jeff with a body slam, Cole escapes the ring but Jeff jumps on him with a splash. Cole throws Jeff into the steel steps. Cole hits a Backstabber in the ring.

Picture in Picture.

Strikes back and forth, Hardy with a Russian Leg Sweep, cover, 2 count. Strikes back and forth, Jeff with a spinning heel kick, Cole with an Enziguri. Hardy hits a Front Suplex, cover, 2 count. Hardy with a back elbow, then hits Whisper in the Wind but Cole counters into a Superkick, Cole covers, 2 count. Jeff ducks under the Boom and hits a Stunner, then a reverse Twist of Fate. Jeff goes to the top but misses the Swanton, Cole hits the Boom, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Adam Cole!

Matt checks of Jeff, the Bucks run down and go to attack the Hardys but they see it coming. Cole attacks the Hardys from behind. the Bucks hit the BTE Trigger. Darby Allin and Sting runs down to attacks the Bucks. Fish and O’Reilly run down, they hit High/Low on Darby. Sting tries to fight off the Undisputed Elite alone. O’Reilly hits Sting with a chair to no affect. Sting hits O’Reilly with a chair, the Buck hit double Superkicks on Sting.

The Bucks put Sting leg in a chair and O’Reilly jumps off the top rope onto the chair, destroying Sting’s leg. Dynamite ends with the Undisputed Elite’s attack.

Martin Dickinson

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