Rey Mysterio returned on last night’s WWE Monday Night Raw and was joined by his son, Dominik Mysterio. The pair has been absent from WWE since Veer Mahaan destroyed Dominik and sent him to a local medical facility. The father and son duo came back to save Mustafa Ali from a huge beatdown at the hands of Veer.

It was reported that Rey Mysterio was receiving stem cell treatments for various injuries during his time off. Dominik was easily written off with the Veer Mahaan storyline. Now that they are back, the WWE Universe is wondering what will be next.

Dave Meltzer discussed the team on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. It was noted that WWE has teased a split between Rey and Dominik several times. It hasn’t happened because nobody is confident that Dominik Mysterio can stand on his own as a singles competitor.

“Even when Aliyah was around when they were doing the tension between Rey and Dominik all the time and then they just dropped the ball every single time and just forget about it and everything. They probably set up the split like three or four times. I know that they were told this time, when Rey took the time off to get stem cell and they did the injury angle with Dominik, that, ‘You know, we’re going to have Dominik go on his own,’ which they’ve said before that they were going to do that.


But, the problem is that Dominik on his own… He’s going to be dead. Rey will always be over because he’s Rey Mysterio but I don’t know that they will ever really do anything with him because between the size and the age… People will always pop for him and you can always do something with him, but it’s like, do you really think that they’re going to have Rey beat Veer Mahaan? I mean, I don’t anticipate they are.

Rey’s job is to be the underdog and fight gallantly and losing to these guys. That’s the role they have him in and that’s just the deal.”

Fans will have to stay tuned to see how things play out between Veer Mahaan and the Mysterios. WWE has been thinking about splitting them up for some time, but it sounds like they aren’t sure what to do afterward. For now, Rey and Dominik will be looking to settle the score with Veer.

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