WWE created a lot of confusion among their fan base when they aired a promo for the upcoming Money in the Bank premium live event on WrestleMania Backlash and last night’s Monday Night Raw. Cody Rhodes appeared in the ad and stated that the winners of the MITB briefcases would earn title shots at WrestleMania. The idea completely turns the concept of being able to cash in at any time on its head.

It was reported that many WWE employees were as surprised by the ad as the fans were. Money in the Bank has a special aura about it that makes every moment until that final cash-in more exciting. If the winners were locked to a match at WrestleMania,

Dave Meltzer talked about the potential change to the MITB stipulation on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. The first step towards the change would be for there to be two men’s world champions. That was likely to occur anyway, but if this MITB alteration sticks, it would have to happen before WrestleMania.

“Anyway, there’s another thing that will probably get clarified in the next day or two, but the ad was what the ad was. They didn’t say the winner can cash in whenever they want through WrestleMania. It was like, the winner gets a title shot at WrestleMania. In theory, on July the 2nd, we will have two contenders for WrestleMania the next April already done. You know, a men’s and women’s contender.


And, if the Royal Rumble remains what it is, that would tell you that there’s going to be championship matches, both men’s and women’s… There’s only one men’s title, but I guess that means maybe there will be a second men’s title by the time we’re at WrestleMania, which doesn’t surprise me. Everyone knew that it was a matter of time before they went back to two.

From the women’s standpoint, we would have a Raw and one of the championship matches… Not the match itself, but one of the contenders, waiting from July on, at least based on the ad. I don’t know. The ad was what the ad was, but nobody seemed to know that anything had changed, either.”

Time will tell how things will work out if Money in the Bank has had a major change. Fans who loved the excitement of waiting to see when the contract winner would cash in will be left disappointed. WWE would also have nearly a year to build up to two WrestleMania championship matches.

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Michael Perry

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