AEW has been slow-burning the story of Julia Hart’s turn for quite some time. After Malakai Black spit mist on Hart’s face, she began wearing an eyepatch and very slowly started leaning towards the dark side. A segment on last week’s Dynamite furthered the angle, but the story has been widely criticized as it has taken forever to develop.

Jim Cornette was one of those critics. The wrestling savant and controversial podcast host absolutely hated the segment. Cornette went so far as to say it was the worst in wrestling history when he reviewed it on a recent Jim Cornette Experience.

“This was the worst segment I have ever seen on wrestling television because there was no redeeming value to this. This material was so horrible that nobody cared.

Anybody who came up with this story should be sent away to prison. There’s no punishment too heinous. Nobody should have been forced to watch this.


You send the kid [Brian Pillman Jr] to tell this story, which is hokey bullsh*t. He tried so hard that he ended up screaming and squeaking, trying to put his soul into it for the rotten creative.”

There is still no resolution to the Julia Hart storyline in AEW. Time will tell how much longer AEW plans to continue with her slow transformation towards evil. Jim Cornette thinks the entire thing is criminal.

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Michael Perry

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