Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins paid a visit to WWE SmackDown this week. The Raw superstars continued their rivalry in a dark match for the live fans on Long Island after the show went off the air. Cody got the victory, then took some time to pose for selfies and talk to fans who stuck around to see him.

There has been a ton of buzz about security at live events lately. Seth Rollins was assaulted in November during an episode of Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn. The headlines have been filled with news about the recent fan attack on Dave Chappelle.

The latest incident of a fan jumping the barricade went much differently. As Cody Rhodes was schmoozing with the audience, a young fan hopped onto the arena floor and tapped Rhodes on the shoulder. Despite all the nervous moments performers have faced with fans, Cody handled the situation like a true professional.

The video was caught and shared by Twitter user @Brandonturrisi who was front and center for the moment. Security and Cody Rhodes both practiced excellent restraint. After the kid was safely headed back to where he was supposed to be, Cody went back to the selfie session.


At first, Cody reacted with a look of confusion. Then he helped the young WWE fan back to where he was supposed to be. Onlookers were amused at the entire situation, but Cody kept a smile on his face the entire time.

There are a lot of wrestling fans who have been looking for reasons to dislike Cody Rhodes. It is hard to do so with much fervency after seeing a clip like this. The fan likely learned a valuable lesson about what is and isn’t appropriate at a wrestling event. He also left with a story he will never forget.

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