Wrestling fans have been hearing a lot of talk about female representation lately. Becky Lynch has commented on that very topic and how she thinks AEW is lacking. Another key WWE employee recently talked about the subject, and he thinks WWE is doing a great job both on and off camera.

Bruce Prichard has long been one of Vince McMahon’s right-hand-men in WWE. Prichard also hosts the popular ‘Something to Wrestle With‘ podcast where he discusses his thoughts on the business. On his latest episode, Bruce was asked about the representation of women on the WWE writing team.

Prichard said he believes that since the writing team expanded in the early 2000s, WWE has done a great job of putting women in creative positions. The company has also focused on women’s competition in the ring. The writing team, he notes, has had a lot of women on it for decades.

“We have a lot of female representation on the writing team now and have since, God, early 2000s… It became a thing when the writing team expanded.”


WWE has been quick to point out the progress they’ve made with women in the company over the years. While many have been critical of AEW’s representation, WWE employees often point to their success in bringing women’s wrestling to Saudi Arabia as a key example. Bruce Prichard says things are the same way behind the camera.

The days of females as sex objects in WWE are hopefully long in the past. The company is trying to move forward while building a positive amount of representation for women. Bruce Prichard is proud to have seen that growth from the company.

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