Cody Rhodes departed from AEW back in February and fans were taken aback by this. Prior to his exit, Rhodes was one of the highlights of AEW television. He put over numerous talent in the company and helped build the company during its initial stages.

Cody Rhodes was constantly booed in AEW towards the end of his run in the company. Fans simply wanted him to turn heel no matter what, but that didn’t happen. Rhodes also does not want to change a thing about that.

While speaking on After The Bell with Corey Graves, Cody Rhodes talked about fans burning his shirts. Rhodes found it surprising as he bragged that AEW wouldn’t exist without him.

“I did see a lot of…it was unique to see people burning my old AEW shirts, which was a trend for a few days on social. It felt like you were leaving a sports team. It didn’t break my heart, but I do remember thinking…I thought it was odd because AEW doesn’t exist without me. There are other people that need to be there for it to exist, for sure, but I’m one of the people where, AEW exists, partially, because of me. For there to be that strong of a (reaction), damn. I saw the term ‘sold out,’ and thought, ‘You have this. It’s great.'”

Cody Rhodes also thinks the divide between AEW and WWE fans is his fault. We’ll have to see how successful Cody Rhodes will be in WWE now that he is back.

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