The schedule in pro wrestling can be too tight sometimes. Adam Cole’s 2018 Royal Rumble came as a pleasant surprise to many fans but he only found out about his participation in the bout on very short notice.

Adam Cole recently spoke with Universal Wrestling Podcast, and he described how he found out that he was going to be an entrant in the 2018 Rumble bout. Despite being informed about it on short notice he couldn’t contain his excitement.

“At 11 pm that night, I was told by Triple H, that ‘Hey, you’re in the Rumble tomorrow’. I was expecting to go home that night. No one had told me anything. I had that match with Aleister, and I was told I am in the Rumble tomorrow. I was super excited, super elated that night.”

Cole had competed in a grueling match the previous night at NXT TakeOver. His Royal Rumble participation marked his first bout on the WWE main roster. He also spoke about the fan reaction to his appearance at the pay-per-view event.


“I had this similar feeling like okay, I debuted in the NXT takeover in front of the die-hard fans but how will be the audience at the Rumble? Maybe they just watch Raw and Smackdown, maybe they are not going to care? But I was surprised by the reaction like people were actually excited I was there. That was really, really cool. And I got to stand in the ring with Rey Mysterio, who was also a surprise entrant in the ring. Getting to stand in the ring with him was so cool. Of course, I am thinking a million things, I was not in there for really long. That was still a well-placed debut in the Royal Rumble, in Philly, I could not have asked for a better spot.”

After the Rumble match, Cole would later go on to compete against Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan in 2019 which eventually led to WWE Survivor Series. In the same interview, he described how 2019 was the most important year of his career. Cole is now signed to AEW and fans are looking forward to what’s next for him.

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Transcription by Ringside News

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