FTR have revealed what they think about the recent rumors that WWE are interested in re-signing the tag team.

The pair, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, left the company back in 2020, unsatisfied with what they were doing there. After two very successful years in AEW, and on the independent scene, rumors recently surfaced that WWE were interested in bringing them back.

Ringside News exclusively reported that WWE has no interest in brining back FTR. Not like it will do them much good, because they will have some time on their AEW deals, but “They are seen as mid-carders who just complain, both internally and to the media, and they’re not seen as appealing to a worldwide audience past the hardcores who are too busy giving star ratings for matches.”

In a recent appearance on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, they revealed how they felt about the situation. Harwood reiterated that they left WWE because of their lack of focus on tag team wrestling.


“I think we know about as much as everyone else does. We left that place because they didn’t put a focus on tag team wrestling and we knew there was a ceiling to where we could go in the company. We wanted to do more, we wanted to be known as the greatest tag team of all time and we had to leave there to do that.

“We knew that and that’s why we were so persistent on them giving us our releases. Now, I see on the screenshot of all the different news outlets saying they want to re-sign us. And that’s flattering, that’s cool.”

Dax also went on to explain that regardless of their interest, FTR had contracts to honor, and wouldn’t disrespect Tony Khan.

“We’ve got some more time left but I told Tony that there’s no way that we would ever talk contracts with anybody while we were working for him. We have way too much respect for him and our word means something.”

It is unclear what the future holds for FTR. One thing is for sure though, they’re having one incredibly impressive present.

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Callum Altimas

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