When AEW started in 2019, one of the things that was supposed to set the company apart was that wins and losses were going to matter. To this day, AEW releases weekly ranking of the top competitors in the men’s and women’s divisions. The more “sports-like” presentation has been popular with a lot of fans.

One of the biggest complaints about WWE has been their 50-50 booking. Oftentimes, a wrestler must defeat a champion to receive a shot at their title. Many times other matches leading up to a feud or title bout are inconsequential.

WWE may be looking at ways to change that. A new fan survey recently went out. WWE asked several interesting questions, according to PW Insider.

In addition to the normal questions about viewing habits and which shows fans prefer, WWE offered a few other questions. Fans were asked if they had any interest in NFTs, behind the scenes looks at how WWE operates, and, most interestingly, a wrestler ranking system.


WWE could be much more interesting if wins and losses were tallied and mattered to storylines and championship feuds. On the other hand, the sport is a work and everybody knows that the rankings can be manipulated or completely ignored. It is still very intriguing to see that WWE is considering this.

WWE’s fan surveys have always tried to get a pulse on what fans want. When there was a positive response to independent wrestling being added to the WWE Network, the company did just that. Time will tell what the results of this latest study are, but there could be some compelling tweaks if fan interest is high enough.

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