Bray Wyatt (now going by his real first name, Windham) has been the subject of much speculation over the last year. After being released by WWE, Wyatt has taken break from the pro wrestling scene. Fans have been wondering if and when he will pop up again.

From time to time, Windham has made cryptic posts on social media. Many believe it is a sign that something is about to happen, but thus far it has not. Today, he once again posted some strange tweets that may or may not have to do with his future.

Wyatt first posted a famous quote. That was followed by the word “but.” Next, he included a drawing of a monstrous figure. There will surely be plenty of armchair sleuths trying to decode Windham’s latest message.

“I do think it’s true that ‘he who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man.’



But if you become the machine, you don’t have to feel at all. #WhatIf?

To be Sentient”

There are plenty of ways to interpret Windham’s latest posts. Only he truly knows what it means. If nothing else, it will get fans talking about him again. Time will tell if this leads to anything significant in the near future.

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Michael Perry

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