WWE Superstars are always handed a script that they have to remember and speak as part of their promos. A large section of the WWE Universe does not like scripted promos as they feel it highly restricts the characters of the talent. Tony Khan also commented on AEW’s lack of writers.

One of the biggest differences between WWE and AEW is the fact that AEW does not have a team of writers. Talents are given creative freedom to express themselves the way they want to.

While speaking on Wrestling with Freddie, AEW President Tony Khan talked about the company not having writers. Khan stated that he doesn’t need writers because he works with top talent. He also gave credit to MJF and CM Punk for their feud.

“I give all the credit to them, CM Punk and MJF. I am the administrator in a lot of ways, and what I think is really cool, and people will ask why I don’t have a lot of writers, is because I work with the top talent. We’ll develop top storylines and programs, I’ll do everything, say like, ‘you’ll do this, this and this.


Here’s who you’re going to work with this week, or we’re going to build you up and then at the end of next week, I’ll explain where we’re going next.’ And you can do that with some younger people, but, like, MJF and CM Punk, with each of them, I’ve spent hours and hours sitting, planning, talking and they came in with such great ideas.

A lot of this stuff just matched up beautifully and they both had long-term story ideas and things we could do. When you have wrestlers with those kinds of great ideas, look, I don’t have to do every idea that gets thrown at me. That’s the thing, I try and take the best ones and talk to different people about different ideas. But I feel I’m better off talking to the two of them. Imagine if I’d gone off in a room with neither of them, with like six other people, and then tried to go to the two of them.”

Even Matt Hardy had to tell Jeff Hardy that AEW does not have writers like WWE when Jeff made his way to AEW. For many fans, AEW’s lack of writers makes it an appealing product for them and that is unlikely to ever change by the looks of it.

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