Nash Carter was primed for a tag team push alongside Wes Lee on NXT 2.0. The duo even won the NXT Tag Team Championship in a triple-threat tag team match at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. That didn’t last after Nash was released and it seems he was not fired over abuse allegations.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez from Wrestling Observer Radio recently shed light on the reason behind Carter’s release. Apparently he wasn’t fired over abuse allegations. Alvarez was particularly surprised about the fact that he wasn’t fired during the murmurs that started around a week ago. They went ahead with him for the Tag Team Title.

Also, came out today that Nash Carter who is one-half of the NXT Tag Team Champions has been fired and obviously there were lot of allegations of abuse and there was a picture that surfaced of him dressed as Hitler and I think the most amazing thing about it to me is that there were rumblings about this well over a week ago, to the point where he did a job on NXT last week. I thought, well, it’s probably gonna be the end of him. And then Saturday came, and they won the Tag Team Titles. And now here we are and he’s been fired.

Apparently a picture of Nash Carter surfaced where he was dressed as Hitler. Meltzer added that Carter was certainly fired because of that Hitler photo and not the other reasons that were highlighted.


This is a really weird situation because he was fired for the Hitler picture. So this is, you know, because of the other allegations, is not what he was fired for.

Carter’s buddy, who goes by the Twitter handle Queen E. Marie, has started an online crusade to seek Carter justice. Carter’s tag team teammate Wes Lee’s wife is Marie. Kimber Lee, she maintains, was the one who was abusing her. Since the allegations against Carter’s wife were made public, Marie has been outspoken in her opposition to her.

Kimber Lee, she claims, framed Carter and is unfairly punishing the former NXT 2.0 star. #JusticeForNashCarter has been trending all day. Marie also revealed that Carter filed for divorce from Kimber Lee and served her papers this past Monday, April 4th. Ringside News is monitoring the situation and will keep you updated.

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