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Tonight’s NXT comes off the back of the Stand & Deliver live event on Saturday, but arguably the bigger news came from last night’s RAW. With the help of Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler defeated Bron Breakker to retain at the NXT Championship at Stand & Deliver, however the two had a rematch last night and Breakker beat Ziggler to become the new NXT Champion. Is the Dolph Ziggler/NXT love affair over, are will we get a rematch?

And speaking of rematches, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez will defend their new NXT Tag Team Championships against the former Champions, Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne. Beyond that we’re being told Tony D’Angelo will continue his celebrations after defeating Tommaso Ciampa, and we’ll get more fallout from the TakeOver.

So that’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


NXT 2.0

This week’s NXT opens with highlights from TakeOver: Stand & Deliver on Saturday, then last night’s RAW where Bron Breakker defeated Dolph Zoggler to become a 2X NXT Champion.

We go live to the Capitol Wrestling Centre and out comes the man himself, Bron Breakker. He says his first WrestleMania weekend had a lot of ups and downs, and one of the best moments of his life was getting to induct his father and uncle, the Steiner Brothers, into the Hall of Fame. Then on Saturday he failed to recapture the NXT Championship and he’s not going to make excuses.

Later that night he got to go to WrestleMania and watch incredible stars like Becky Lynch, Kevin Owens and Stone Cold Steve Austin. And it got him thinking two things: he will main event WrestleMania one day, and he refused to leave Dallas without the NXT Championship. So he rolled into Monday Night RAW and beat Dolph Ziggler in order to bring their NXT Championship back home.

Imperium interrupt Bron Breakker and come to the ring. Gunther says that was a nice little story Breakker told but nobody cares. All he cares about is that title on Bron’s shoulder. That title says you are the very best in NXT but Breakker can’t lay claim to that until he steps in the ring with the ring genral, Gunther. Breakker says he’s a Hell of a weekend but if he wants it, Gunther can get it tonight!

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The Creed Brothers Vs. Imperium

We’re back live and this match is already underway, with the two teams coming to blows during the break. Brutus hits Barthel with a belly-to-belly, then delivers a knee to the ribs. Aichner tags in and takes Brutus down by the arm. Brutus fights up and sends Aichner to the ropes but gets caught with a headbutt to the gut. Aichner drops Brutus with a shoulder tackle, then backs him into the corner and tags Barthel.

Julius tags in and takes Barthel down. Aichner comes back in and counters an arm-drag into one of his own. Aichner catches Julius on his shoulders and hits a fireman’s roll. Aichner sends Julius into the buckles and catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Barthel tags back in but Julius immediately takes him down and delivers knees to the ribs. Brutus tags in and does the same. Imperium double-team Brutus as we head to the break.

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Brutus hits Aichner with a gutwrench suplex, then both men make tags. Julius runs through Barthel with clotheslines, dropkicks Aichner off the apron, then its a shoulder tackle to the knee of Barthel. Julius deadlifts Barthel and suplexes him. Aichner comes in and breaks the pin, allowing Barthel to get the upper hand. Barthel hangs Julius in the ropes and dropkicks him but Aichner just walks off. Aichner leaves Barthel and the Creed Brothers suplex him, then hit a double team slam and basement clothesline for the win.

Winners: The Creed Brothers

As The Creed Brothers are celebrating their win, two masked men come in and attack them with chairs from behind. The two men pulls their masks down to reveal themselves as Pretty Deadly, the former NXT UK Tag Team Champions.

Toxic Attraction is interviewed backstage. Gigi Dolan says Wendy Choo cost them their titles on Saturday. Jayne says she’s already sick of Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai being together again, and tonight they’re going to put an end to them, once and for all. Mandy says she still has her beautiful Women’s NXT Championship and after tonight Gigi and Jacy will have their titles back too because they are not just Toxic Attraction, they are the attraction.

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The new NXT North American Champion, Cameron Grimes, comes to the ring. The fans chant “you deserve it”. Grimes says “we did it”. He made good on his promise and he knows his dad is looking down and smiling ear-to-ear. People often talk about climbing the ladder to success, well at Stand & Deliver he did just that. Standing atop that ladder with the NA Championship time stood still.

All the moments went through his head of his father giving his blood, sweat and tears for the business, and doing just the same to raise him as a single parent. For the past three years he has busted his ass to prove that his dad was right and he should be a WWE Superstar, so trust that it means everything for him to say he is the North American Champion. But he’s not about to get complacent. And he’s going to do everything he can to make sure that title goes up, down and all around on multiple trips to the moon.

Solo Sikoa comes out and congratulates Grimes. He says Grimes made worthwhile promises and fought for something true, and delivered. That’s cool, but now he has to hold onto it. He came to NXT to face the best and Championship’s run in his bloodline. So he’s asking Grimes straight up to be his first challenger. Grimes says he respects Sikoa. When he looks into his eyes he sees a man that has fought every day to be where he is. And if he is what he says he is, a Champion, he’s gotta fight people like Solo. “So Uce, you’re on.”

Joe Gacy and Harland are backstage and Gacy says the most important thing in life is having someone you can trust. Someone who knows all your deep, dark secrets, who will have your back. Family. And if you don’t have family, it leads to self-destruction. Draco Anthony is watching in the locker room and Xyon Qunn walks in and tells him not to watch them. Draco tells him not to tell him what to do. Quinn says he needs taught a lesson in respect.

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Tiffant Stratton is interviewed backstage. She says people seem to have forgot that Sarray cost her her match last week. Sarray will never see the sun after she’s done with her and her necklace. She’s not a loser, she never will be.

Dexter Lumis W/Indi Hartwell Vs. Duke Hudson W/Persia Pirotta

Hudson attacks Lumis when his back is turned at the beginning. Lumis turns the tables and catches him with a Thesz press. Lumis dodges Hudson running at him and rolls him up for a two-count. Duke is backed into the corner but catches Lumis with an STO. Hudson stomps Lumis, then shoots him to the ropes and hits a back elbow. Duke mounts Dexter and punches him repeatedly.

Hudson slams Lumis down and grabs a sleeper hold. Lumis starts to fight up and hits Hudson with a back suplex and both men are down. Lumis kips up and immediately leaps into a leg drop. Dexter lands a flurry of right hands, a clothesline and a running bulldog. Lumis hits a spinebuster and covers but Duke gets his foot on the bottom rope – only for Hartwell to shove it back off.

Hudson rolls out of the ring and Lumis goes after him. They grab each other from either side of the ring post and their girlfriends grab each of them from behind and pull them. Lumis and Hudson wind-up both being yanked into the ring post and everyone falls down and gets counted out. The fans chant “that was stupid”.

Double Count-Out

Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai are interviewed backstage. They say Toxic Attraction is scared of them but the bad news is, they’re going to be holding on to the Women’s Tag Team Titles for as long as they want.

*Commercial Break*

Gunther is warming-up backstage and Marcel Barthel is screaming about Fabian Aichner. Gunther tells him to stop. He says he needs to focus on the NXT Championship match tonight, so Aichner and Barthel need to stop the fighting.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships

(C) Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai Vs. Toxic Attraction

The match begins with Raquel and Jacy, and Jayne avoids Gonzalez and kicks her legs from behind, then jumps on her back. Dolan tags in and jumps on Gonzalez but gets caught, spun around and slammed. Dakota tags in and Raquel throws her up so she can double stomp Gigi. Kai counters Dolan in the corner and rolls her up for two, then connects with a dropkick.

Dolan knocks Kai back and jumps for a hurricanrana but doesn’t get up very high and almost breaks Dakota’s leg. Jacy tags in and knees Kai near the ropes, then tags Dolan for an Irish whip into a clothesline. Dolan its a snapmare and tags Kayne, who kicks Kai in the gut. Dakota fires back with right hands but gets whipped hard into the buckles and splashes.

Dolan tags in again and beats Dakota down in the corner. Kai drops Dolan and both women make tags. Gonzalez runs over Jayne with clotheslines and hits a fallaway slam. Gigi causes a distraction on the apron, allowing Jayne to knock Raquel down in the corner and attack her knee. Raquel is holding her knee and Toxic Attraction is making fun of her.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Raquel kicks Jayne off and she tumbles out of the ring. Dolan and Kai tag in and Raquel hits a scorpion kick, then knocks Jayne off the apron. Kai sends Gigi into the corner and hits a face wash, then a running boot to the face for a near-fall. Raquel tags back in and Kai goes to the top rope for a double stomp, then Gonzalez hits a spinning Vader bomb but Jacy breaks the pin.

Gonzalez throws Jacy out of the ring, then brings Dakota into their corner and tags Kai. Dakota grabs the back and rolls her up but Jayne tags in and catches Dakota with a neckbreaker. Jayne kicks the knee of Raquel and she falls off the apron, then superkicks Dakota for a near-fall. Toxic Attraction hit a double team Codebreaker and clothesline for a near-fall thanks to Gonzalez breaking the pin.

All four women are down in the ring. Gonzalez gets back to the apron and tags in. She looks for a powerslam but Dolan counters with a float-over Stunner. Suddenly Wendy Choo appears on the ramp in her PJ’s but Mandy Rose rushes down and shoves her into the steel steps. The distraction allows Jayne to attack Gonzalez from behind, then Gigi kicks Kai off the apron. Toxic Attraction hit Toxic Shock and win their belts back!

Winners and New Women’s Tag Team Champion’s: Toxic Attraction

*Commercial Break*

AJ Galante is in the ring and he introduces Tony D’Angelo. Tony says everyone thought Tommaso Ciampa thought he would walk right through him but what he did was incredible. And he’s ready to become a made man. AJ Galante shows a playing card that has some of Tony’s blood and says this oath is his truth. The code of silence can never be broken, and if he does his soul will burn in Hell. This is a code of honor, is he ready to accept? The fans chant “boring”. D’Angelo says he is and Galante puts a gold ring on his pinky. Galante kisses him on the cheek and then presents to us the Don of NXT, Tony D’Angelo.

The new NXT Tag Team Champions MSK is interviewed backstage. Wes Lee says after five months of twists and turns and guidance from their shaman, Riddle, their titles are back home. They didn’t appreciate them properly the first time, but this time they do. Carter says The Creed Brothers are a threat and Pretty Deadly are making waves but… Grayson Waller and Sanga walk up and Waller is in a sling. Waller says they may have won the belts but he stole the headlines. Lee mocks him and says all he did was injure himself. Sanga says they will soon take the tag titles from MSK, so Lee says they can do it tonight. Waller says he would but he’s injured, but they’re on borrowed time.

*Commercial Break*

Dakota Kai is raging backstage, wrecking everything in sight. She screams “Mandy Rose, you are not safe.”

Lash Legend Vs. nIKKITA lYONS

They lock-up at the beginning and struggle for control. Lyons grabs a wristlock but Legend slams her down. Lyons sweeps Legend, then both women kip-up and stare at each other. Lyons grabs the back but Legend elbows her off. Nikkita hits a kick to the head, then runs at her in the cornor but nobody’s home.

Legend drops Lyons with a pump kick to the face, then jumsp on her with stiff elbow drop for a two-count. Nikkita fights up but Legend knocks her back down. Lash hits a handspring moonsault for a near-fall. Legend gets elbowed, then Lyons hits her with a German suplex. Both women trade punches, then Lyons lands some big kicks.

Lyons backs Legend into the corner and shoulders her, then sets her on the top rope. Nikkita climbs up and hits Legend with a superplex for a near-fall. Lyons is getting frustrated. She shoves Lash into the ropes and catches her with a switch kick to the head. Lyons then htis the ropes and lands her split-leg drop and scores the pinfall.

Winner: Nikkia Lyons

Nikkia Lyon and AJ Galante are walking outside the arena. Legado Del Fantasma approach them outside and Santos congratulates him. Santos says he is no stranger to being a boss, so allow him to give some advice: keep their business out of Legado’s business.

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NXT Championship

(C) Bron breakker Vs. Gunther

This huge match gets underway and they go for a test of strength but both peel away. They lock-up and Breakker grabs a wristlock but Gunther pulls his head. Gunther backs Breakker up to the ropes and forearms his chest, then hits a side headlock takeover. Breakker pops-up and takes Gunther down with a headlock takeover. Gunther gets up and tries to shoot Bron off but Breakker drops to a knee and holds on.

Gunther elbows Breakker and shoots him off, then both hit shoulder tackles but don’t fall. Gunther chops Breakker, then both hit shoulder tackles again. Bron hits the ropes, Gunther leap-frogs him, then connects with a huge boot the jaw. Gunther forearms Bron in the back, then hits a snapmare and kicks his shoulder. Gunther with a European uppercut but Breakker tackles him into the corner and shoulders him.

Gunther looks for a chop but Bron ducks it. Gunther sends him to the ropes and tries to leap-frog him again but Breakker catches him with a powerslam! Gunther grabs a sleeper but Breakker rolls him off, then connects with a spear! Breakker pulls his straps down and he wants the military press but his shoulder is hurting and can’t lift him. Gunther chops Bron and he falls from the ring. Gunther goes after and tosses him shouler-first into the steps.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Gunther is holding Bron in a submission to target his shoulder. Breakker fights up and turns it around but Gunther snaps his arms, then shoulders him in the arm a few times. Breakker punches him but Gunther wrenches the arm, then chops the chest a few times. Gunther looks for another but Bron blocks it, only to get hit with a German suplex.

Gunther swings for Bron but he ducks and hits a German suplex of his own. Bron lands some chops of his own, then gets Gunther off his feet with a clothesline. Breakker wants a suplex but Gunther counters and takes him down with a Kimura. Bron tries to fight up but eats a knee to the gut and falls. Breakker fights up again and hits a one-arm body slam!

Bron kicks Gunther backwards and hits a belly-to-belly. Gunther wants a spear but Gunther hits dropkick! Gunther snatches Bron and powerbombs him but he kicks out! Gunther goes to the top rope and hits a big splash and pins but again Breakker kicks out! “This is awesome!” Gunther beats Breakker down and chops the back, then picks him up and clotheslines him down for another near-fall and Gunther is getting frustrated.

Gunther drags Breakker towards the corner and goes to the top rope again. Gunther jumps for the splash again but Bron catches him in mid-air with a spear! Breakker grabs Gunther and he wants the military press but Gunther shoves him off and chops him. They trade blows and Gunther snatches a sleeper but Bron htis a jawbreaker. Breakker connects with a clothesline, then lifts Gunther up and hits the military press into the powerslam for the win!

Winner: Bron Breakker

After the match, Bron Breakker is celebrating his victory when his father appears on the screen. Rick says “Bronson! Congratulations on your victory son. I’m proud of you”. The camera pulls back to reveal that Rick is tied-up inside a literal cell! Joe Gacy and Harland are there and Gacy says he told everyone earlier that family is everything, so let’s see if they can teach this old dog some new tricks and the show fades to black.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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