Bron Breakker, Rick Steiner’s son, has had a lot of success since his NXT 2.0 debut in September of last year. Breakker dominated in his NXT career thus far, and this is only the beginning for him as he attempts to make a reputation for himself in the sports entertainment industry. It now seems that he is being fast tracked.

Breakker was unable to defeat Dolph Ziggler at Stand & Deliver. Since the Show Off is still champion, that could provide an opportunity for Dolph to stay in NXT while Breakker moves on.

Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio recently shed light on Breakker being fast tracked in WWE. He believes that WWE is rushing things up and they really don’t need to do things this quick. Bron could do better with one more year before he goes up there.

I know he’s being fast tracked but I don’t know what fast tracked means. I wouldn’t do it this quick. I don’t think they need to do it this quick. He’s better off cause even in this match, early on there were points where he was really good but he could do better with one more year before he goes up there. But whatever their decision is, it’s what it is. I hate the term, it’s such a weird football term but it does apply to him in the sense that he is a blue chipper and he’s someone who can be a real major future star cause he’s 22, 23 years old. You know, I mean he’s come right out of college. He finished college, went to the NFL tryouts, got cut by the Ravens and then went right to WWE. And he didn’t have that many months of training before they put him in and they gave him the title right away. I just got the impression because numbers are consistently the highest they’ve been since they did the switch and changed everything up. And they were floundering and in one thing they found success and they tried to put, you know they tried with AJ Styles and with a bunch of people. I mean it really wasn’t doing well. The numbers were doing terrible. But the one with Bron Breakker, it’s improving.


Meltzer noted that since the numbers are improving after WWE tried things up with Bron Breakker. WWE previously tried with AJ Styles and a bunch of other people but the numbers were doing terrible. With each passing week, Breakker’s popularity grew, and it’s easy to understand why.

Bron also dominated two-reps bench press competition not too long ago at the WWE Performance Center. We will have to wait and see when Bron Breakker will be called up to the main roster and if he will find success there or not.

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Transcription by Ringside News.

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