Adam Cole made guest appearance at the The Halo Championship Series in Raleigh, North Carolina. Mr. Bay-Bay is a textbook fan of the Halo video game series. Dr. Britt Baker took this opportunity to gift Adam Cole a pair of custom Halo Jordans for last Christmas.

Adam Cole of All Elite Wrestling recently spoke with Paramount Plus about his Halo fandom and why the franchise is so important to him. Cole remembers experiencing Halo for the first time, thanks to his younger brother. Halo has been a big part of Cole’s life really since its inception. Master Chief is his favorite character as far as an overall story arc for him from Halo Combat Evolved to Halo Infinite. He’s an ultimate hero, in Cole’s opinion.

The Halo Universe is just so fascinating. I could not be more excited for this and generally overall, and I really do mean this. I want Halo to be seen by as many people as possible, in as many different formats as possible, because I know how much it means to me. And I want other people to feel that same way. Halo is responsible for my passion for the video game industry and video games as a whole. And Halo is one of the greatest stories that I’ve ever watched unfold.

Halo is a military science fiction media franchise originally created by Bungie. It was later passed on and managed by 343 Industries, owned and published by Xbox Game Studios. The central focus of the franchise is around Master Chief Sierra-117 “John”, one of the super-soldier Spartans that creates a close bond with his A.I., Cortana.


Cole’s love for Halo is quite well known because he has been playing through the series on his Twitch Channel. Since the release of Halo: Infinite on December 8, Cole has been exclusively playing the game on his Twitch stream. Paramount Plus is presently streaming the Halo television series.

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