Prior to joining WWE as Akio, Jimmy Wang Yang was best known for his WCW run. He debuted on Vince McMahon’s promotion, in 2003, his first run in the company only lasted for two years. He never left pro-wrestling and has since been worked for various promotions. During a recent interview, he opened up about his daughter’s career in the same field as his.

Yang appeared on Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, where he spoke about his daughter Jazzy joining the wrestling business, He talked about the fatherly experience he is getting while being a mentor to her.

“She’s already so much better than me at that age. This is actually the funniest time I’ve ever had in wrestling. Teaming with my daughter, it’s just an unbelievable experience. I’m just having so much fun being with Jazzy, you know, teaming with her, coaching her, traveling with her and everything. It is the funniest time I’ve had in wrestling.”

“I just want her to be happy,” Yang added.


Yang revealed how he felt when his daughter first told him that she wants to become a wrestler. As a father he was fine with his daughter doing whatever she loves but her decision of becoming a wrestler made him shockingly happy.

“So you know, it doesn’t matter what she did. If she was working at Chick-Fil-A for the last three years, if that satisfied her needs, I was fine with it. But she has that crazy story about debuting in Japan at 15. After that, she told me, ‘Hey, Dad, I want to be a wrestler.’ At first I was like, ‘Oh, crap.’”

“But, you know, I tell everybody that wrestling let me do a lot of things. I’ve been around the world 20 times. I’ve been to Japan 50 times. The greatest time of my life is doing professional wrestling. Why would I not want that for my daughter?”

After being released by WWE in May 2010, Jimmy returned to All Japan Pro Wrestling, there he took part in 2010 Junior league. He made his third return to WWE last year as a producer backstage, but was soon released before the year ended.

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