Jeff Jarrett has been all over the place in the world of wrestling this year. It all started with a brief run in GCW where Jarrett ended up beating Effy and smashing a guitar over his head. Jarrett has also made appearances for the NWA and WWE.

Double J also got involved with a small developmental collegiate baseball organization. The much-hyped repackaging saw the Springfield team renamed the “Lucky Horseshoes.” Jarrett doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

Jeff Jarrett recently talked to Muscle Man Malcolm where he said he plans to wrestle again this year. Jarrett went into detail about how the GCW run came about and also plugged several other projects, including a wrestling-themed RPG that will be coming out soon.

“I’m really taking that sort of one opportunity at a time. The Game Changer situation came about after — a lot of people think that was a month or two discussion. Actually, they had been in contact with me for multiple years and it just never lined up, but I thought the opportunity came about at the right time, beginning of 2022, you know, January 1, I appeared for those guys, culminating at the Hammerstein Ballroom and then EFFY, and I’ve gone on record multiple times how what I think of him is a talent. So I don’t think it’s the last you’ve seen of the last outlaw. But I’m certainly picking my spots and opportunities, lots going on in my world, so to speak.


I was just at a WWE live event. The reason I was in Springfield, Illinois was for the Lucky Horseshoes baseball team, that I’m a part of the ownership group which has really, really taken off in so many shapes, forms, and fashions. Then, just last week, I did my first PR hit with Moonsault Digital, It’s a transmedia digital agency that the founder of Mega Cat Studios, based out of Pittsburgh, me and him had been basically doing a lot of talking and a lot of what-ifs and we decided to launch an agency, part of I think it’s gonna go much more into that but you know,, but you’re asking me is this the only time you’re gonna see me wrestle? I’ve got a lot of different avenues I’m taking right now, but no, I don’t think it’s the last time you see me in the ring this year.”

Jeff Jarrett is constantly looking for new opportunities, whether they’re big or small. Fans of the WWE Hall of Famer will likely see him in the ring again this year. It is just a matter of finding the right opportunity. Based on his business activities over the past several months, Jarrett could show up anywhere.

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